How to Craft Better Stories with Mind Maps

This is a guest post by Genevieve Conti. Genevieve is a UX/content strategist in higher education. She enjoys uncomplicating complex language and finding the perfect GIF for every situation. You can find her on Twitter @jennygenevieve. Businesses use stories to inspire the people who work for them and sell the next great idea. Teachers use stories to.. Continue Reading

MindMeister’s Miraculous Wunder Features

MindMeister’s Wunder features enable you to automatically add related links (WunderLink™), notes (WunderNote™), images (WunderBild™), or even child topics (WunderKind™) to the topics in your mind maps. Let’s say you’re creating a mind map presentation and you want to add some images to your topics. You could upload pictures from your own computer, or manually copy-paste them from Google’s.. Continue Reading

Online Brainstorming With Mind Maps

Brainstorming: the term is common both in professional and educational contexts, and you’ve probably heard it countless times in your life. You probably also have a pretty good notion of what a brainstorming is all about—generating ideas, making decisions, coming up with creative solutions for problems. But how exactly does a brainstorming work? Which format works best,.. Continue Reading

Take More Effective Notes Using Mind Maps

As professionals in the 21st century, we consume tons of information in various formats on a daily basis. We read books and articles, attend lectures, watch TED talks and documentaries, take e-learning courses and subscribe to specialized magazines. Sure, some of these things we simply do for pleasure, but often times, the purpose of these activities is.. Continue Reading

How Mind Maps Can Help You Write an A+ Paper

This post is part of our back to school series. We’ll be publishing articles throughout August and September, providing ideas for students, teachers and education specialists on how to enhance learning with MindMeister and MeisterTask. As soon as we enter the path of higher education, we’re expected to combine the knowledge of our predecessors with.. Continue Reading