Offline Mode

The MindMeister Offline Mode allows users to work on their mind maps even when they're offline, i.e. not connected to the Internet.

All changes will be saved locally and synchronized back into your MindMeister account the next time you go online.

How to go offline Working offline Going back online Conflict resolution

How to go offline

To use MindMeister offline you first need to enable the offline mode in your Settings.


To work offline all your mind maps will need to be copied to your local device.

This is done automatically by using the online indicator to the left of your name in the toolbar.

You will then be presented with the following dialog.

Please select the mind maps you want to take offline and click on Take maps offline.

A dialog will appear showing the sync progress. During the synchronization process you'll need to stay connected to the Internet.

After synchronization, the dialog will close automatically. You are then in offline mode and can disconnect your computer from the Internet.

You may leave the browser open or close it. When you want to access your offline maps simply go to You will then be connected to your local, offline version of MindMeister.

Working offline

You can edit existing mind maps as well as create new ones ones while you're offline. Other map management features (such as delete or share maps) are disabled in the offline mode.

In map view, you can use all map editing features except for

  • Undo / Redo
  • Export
  • Print
  • History
  • Anything else that requires online resources (follow links, Wikipedia etc...)

Going back online

You need to explicitly switch MindMeister back to online mode when you are connected to the Internet again using the online indicator to the left of your name in the toolbar.

Enter your MindMeister password when prompted and click OK.

Conflict resolution

During synchronization conflicts can happen when the maps that you've edited offline have been modified by someone else online. In this case you will be asked to resolve them by choosing one of the options in the dialog below.

  • Discard changes
    The online map remains in the current state and your offline changes will be discarded.
  • Save as new map
    The online version remains untouched and your offline map will be saved as a new map on the server.