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Geistesblitz Widgets

Insert ideas into your default mind map on MindMeister directly from your Mac Dashboard, Windows Sidebar or Yahoo! Widgets Desktop, without ever having to open a browser or login!

How to install

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Geistesblitz via Email or SMS

But what if you happen to be somewhere on the road when you have a great idea, and want to jot it down before you forget it? If you’re not already using our iPhone or Android apps, Our Geistesblitz Email & SMS functionality allows you to insert ideas into your default map wherever you are. You can send ideas via SMS or even entire maps in an email to your personalized Geistesblitz address.

How to use

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Browser Extensions

Let's face it, most of the screen time today is spent in a web browser, and that's where you're bound to have many ideas and inspirations. Thus, we've built a Geistesblitz browser extension that you can use directly within most modern browsers utilizing the Quicksearch interface.

How to install

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Twitter Tools

Once set up, you can configure the Tools to automatically share your mapping activity with your Twitter community. Conversely, you can receive notifications about changes to your maps pushed to you via Twitter:

  • Send a Tweet when publishing a mind map
  • Receive Direct Messages for map updates
  • Insert Direct Messages to MindMeister as Geistesblitzes
Enable Twitter Tools

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Google Chrome Extension

This extension lets you access and filter your mind maps directly from the Chrome toolbar. Accessing MindMeister has never been easier. You can also create new blank maps right from the extension.


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The MindMeister PHP API is a PHP wrapper of the MindMeister Rest API. It's goal is to provide an object approach to query MindMeister and handling easily the authentication part.

Oncle Tom has initially started this library to deeply embed Mindmeister into WordPress blogs. That's why it's not PHP 5.3 and thus, there is no namespace usage.

View MindMeister PHP API

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Wordpress Plugin

Oncle Tom provides a Wordpress plugin to embed MindMeister maps within your posts, page or whatever custom types you use. This plugin works with

  • private URLs (,
  • public URLs ( and
  • embed URLs (,
Download Wordpress Plugin