My Takeaways from COMM 101

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My Takeaways from COMM 101 by Mind Map: My Takeaways from COMM 101

1. How could business run well?

1.1. Business Ethics

1.2. Management

1.2.1. Team Building 5 Stages My Amazing Team 03 I had great teamwork experience with my team mates. We all followed the TEAM CHARTER, and people respected each other and provide warm encouragement especially to me since I couldn't come out of the shell at first. It was cohesive that everyone worked together towards one goal. We also learned from the presentation that we need to do analysis to back up our recommendation.

1.2.2. BTM

1.2.3. HR

1.2.4. Performance Management For teams Regular Feedback For corporations Be relevant and responsive Be unambiguous and easy to understand Leading and Lag Indicators

1.3. Operation

1.3.1. Strategy Positioning Map "Our company is the ONLY___ that___" Porter's Generic Strategies (competitive advantage sustained) Transient Advantage (competitive advantage changed with time) BHAGs Execution

1.4. Finance & Accounting

1.4.1. Finance Net Present Value How a company raises money? Initial Public Offering Types of financial markets Inflation, Interest, Risk

1.4.2. Accounting Financial Accounting Managerial Accounting

1.5. Business Model

1.5.1. BMC 9 Building Blocks Case Analysis SWOT Revision and update

1.5.2. Macroeconomic Environment PEST Porter's 5 Forces of Industry Attractiveness

2. My Goals

2.1. Network and Teamwork

2.1.1. English is not my first language so that I always feel afraid and shy to communicate with people, but through the teamwork I think I have made a step and will keep trying in the future. Also, learning hoe to work in a team is very important for both now and the future.

2.2. Find my interested fields

2.2.1. For now Operation I very enjoy analyzing how things work out and the reasons for people or companies behaviour. I will try to learn more about this field.

2.3. Time Management

2.3.1. University should be more than just studying, I should try to take part in more activities which could enrich my life.

3. What is business?

3.1. To make profit.

3.1.1. Population increase

3.1.2. Increasing living standards

3.2. Value Proposition

3.2.1. What customer problems we can solve.

3.2.2. How to develop a VP? The VP Canvas Fill in the sentence: To...Our...Is...That...

3.3. Roles in the society

3.3.1. CSR social and environmental concerns Ben & Jerry's Sustainability Consider the future generations. Social, environmental and economical aspects. Evolve to CSV Run through the circle

3.4. Social Enterprise

3.4.1. To create change and improve social problems. Great example: Wizemonkey Leaf Tea and Chop Value which could be applied to similar fields.

3.4.2. Continuous innovation, adaptation and learning.

3.4.3. Acting boldly.

3.4.4. Redefine the VP

4. Future Concerns

4.1. Innovation

4.1.1. Sustaining Innovation (Incremental improvement)

4.1.2. Disruptive Innovation Technical Innovation Business Model Innovation

4.2. BTM

4.2.1. Business Process Typical functional systems Cross-organizatinal Systems

4.2.2. Supply Chain Management

4.2.3. E-Commerce

4.3. Sustainability & Social Enterprise