The communicative competence in FLTL

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The communicative competence in FLTL by Mind Map: The communicative  competence in FLTL

1. Besides, Canale and Swain stated that it includes three major components. The first is grammatical components, which includes vocabulary and pronunciation as well as grammatical structures and word forms. The second is sociolinguistic competence, which is made up of sociocultural rules for using language appropriately and discourse rules for linking parts of a language text coherently and cohesively. The third is strategic components, which consists of verbal and non verbal communication.

2. We know that communicative competence is a term in linguistic which refers to a language user’s grammatical knowledge of syntax, morphology, phonology and the like, as well as social knowledge about how and when to use utterances appropriately.

3. In communicative competence, there are three highlights components: organizational competence, pragmatic competence, and strategic competence in Bahma’s.

3.1. Organizational competence

3.1.1. Organizational competence discuss about those abilities involved in controlling the formal structure of language for producing or recognizing grammatically correct sentences, comprehending their propositional content, and ordering them to form texts.

3.2. Pragmatic competence

3.2.1. Pragmatics talks about how language is used in communication to achieve the purposes of the speaker.

3.3. Strategic competence

3.3.1. Strategic competence means ability to recognize and repair the breakdown communication.