The Devil's Due

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The Devil's Due by Mind Map: The Devil's Due

1. Father Yoongi

1.1. Salty, ruthless, ironic, sarcastic, respectful, strict, serious, calm tone and expressive with his hands. Mostly based on Benedict Cumberbatch's Sherlock Holmes when focused.

1.2. He's a virgin, who has saved his body once he made the oath to serve God's will. His family is against his current life, because Yoongi's mother wants him to have kids.

1.3. He's a homosexual, although he doesn't accept his attraction for men.

1.4. He's surprisingly good with children and teenagers, despite hating to deal with the last ones.

1.5. Relations: → Namjoon: atheist, Philosophy student, pretty much alike Yoongi. → Taehyung: church boy, singer in the church choir, Arts student, works as model. Funny and kind of heart.

2. Bad Boy Hoseok

2.1. Salty when needed, fakely sweet, flirty, ironic, mostly defensive, rude however loyal and caring with those who he love. Extremely intelligent and marvelous actor. Mostly based on BBC's Sherlock's Mary Watson.

2.2. He has been in jail for breaking into rich people's houses, vandalism, dealing with drugs, driving drunk and other things. College dropout, he was studying Medicine when decided to leave everything to follow his dream of being a street artist (rapper and dancer).

2.3. He's a pansexual, with tendencies leaning to men. Dominant.

2.4. Relations: → Jimin: Psychologist student, sweet and caring. Singer, sensitive and kind. → Jungkook: tattoist, street dancer and mostly known to be a heartbreaker. → Seokjin: Model, arrogant and rude, but honest and caring about his friends.