Carrie Mindmap

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Carrie Mindmap by Mind Map: Carrie Mindmap

1. My Personal Opinion

1.1. What I liked

1.1.1. The whole story

1.1.2. The Twist

1.1.3. Carrie's Character

1.1.4. How is narrated--> I know what everybody thinks

1.1.5. The Horror and Chills

1.1.6. The misterious elements

1.2. What I didn't liked

1.2.1. The prank to Carrie

1.2.2. Margaret White's character

1.2.3. Sue Snell's character

1.2.4. Description of how Carrie was born

1.3. I personally recommend this book.

1.3.1. Misterious Characters

1.3.2. Creepy and twisted elements

1.3.3. the whole plot --> excellent

1.3.4. importance in literature

1.3.5. Stephen King's big and first master piece

1.3.6. Really good description

2. Meaning

2.1. Author style

2.1.1. The narrative voice--> jumps from Carrie, to Sue, to Chris, and other characters --> we know what they're all thinking.

2.1.2. "Momma had, of course, forbade [Carrie] to shower with the other girls."

2.1.3. Flash-forwards

2.1.4. " It was 1979"

2.1.5. Misterious and descrit tone

2.1.6. "It was reliably reported by several persons that a rain of stones fell from a clear blue sky on Carlin Street in the town of Chamberlain on August 17th"

2.1.7. Colloquial Language

2.1.8. "The girls were bombarding her with tampons and sanitary napkins"

2.1.9. Third person omniscient

2.2. Message

2.2.1. Differents themes Guilt and Blame Feminity Sin --> critic to ultra-religious people Violence Revenge Sexuality The Supernatural

3. The Book As An Object

3.1. April 5th, 1974

3.2. Simple cover page.

3.3. the title and the author --> capital letters

3.4. Carrie's face profile in flames --> school burned

4. The Contents

4.1. Science Fiction--> Horror Fiction

4.2. Plot

4.2.1. The story of a misfit high-school girl, Carrie White, daughter of Margaret White an ultra-religious mother that abused her physically and emotionally as the other people at school, who discovers that she has telekinetic powers. Upon discovering her abilities, Carrie decides that she will make them all pay. She was seventeen when she started her first menstruation cycle in the shower room. All the girls laughed at her. The gym teacher, Mrs. Desjardin, was angry with Carrie for a moment until she realized she had no idea what was going on. Sue Snell, had made fun of her in the shower room and feels bad. So, she convinces her boyfriend, Tom Ross, to take Carrie to the prom. She accepts and goes, but when she gets there she is the one that is in the path of a prank. Carrie uses her telekinetic powers to lock everyone in the prom and begins killing.

4.2.2. climax--> Carrie take revenge--> use telekenesis to hurt everybody.

4.3. Characters

4.3.1. Principal ones Carrie White: "Carrie stood among stolidly, a frog among swans. She was a chunky girl with pimples on her neck and back and buttocks, her wet hair completely without color." Sue Snell: mob mentality, guilty girl -- reaaly good appearent, blonde and green eyes. ""someone ought to try and be sorry in a way that counts… in a way that means something" Margaret White: ultra-religious woman --> hate sin. No friends or family. Crazy. Sexuality repressed "It staggers both the imagination and belief to advance the hypothesis that Mrs. Margaret White did not know she was pregnant.". Tommy Ross: handsome and charming guy. Sue's boyfriend--> he was nice but he was bully. -> hates Carrie. "The phrase 'dumb jock' expresses this view of Tommy Ross perfectly" Chris Hargensen: andry and vengeful girl. She's bully. "Good-for-nothing girl". she kills Tommy. "It wasn't hard to see where Chris Hargensen came by her self-willed stubbornness. " Rita Desjardin: "small boobs" and "tiny breasts" --> symbolize evil. But she is " a gym class hero" who might be violent but "helps Carrie" and "Miss Desjardin is the first one who races toward Carrie to help her after the pig's blood falls" Billy Nolan: Chris's boyfriend. "He looks like a "strange time traveler from the 1950s with his greased hair, zipper-bejeweled black leather jacket, and manifold-bubbling Chevrolet road machine". He is controlled by Chris (and obsessed) ""would have done murder for [Chris], and more".

4.3.2. Minors Characters Assitant Principal Morton--> John Wayne Principal Henry Grayle Billy Delois Henry Trennant George Dawson Frieda Jason David Bracken Miss Geer Tina Blake Norma Watson Helen Shyres Mr. Stephens Mr. Lublyn Cora Simard Henry Kelly For Minors Characters there's no description. They are just mentioned or plays only a short dialogue.

4.4. Time and Setting

4.4.1. Year 1979

4.4.2. Town: Chamberlain, USA. The whole story: - High School -the gym -auditorium for prom. -girl's shower room.

5. My Work Resources






5.6. Carrie -- Stephen King

5.7. The original movie

6. The Author

6.1. Stephen King

6.1.1. Date of birth: September 21st,1947 (age: 70)

6.1.2. New definition of Horror and Suspense. --> Cult Books

6.1.3. "King of horror and chills"

6.2. Other Important Books

6.2.1. IT



6.2.4. 11/22/63

6.2.5. MISERY

6.2.6. RAGE

6.3. Topics

6.3.1. Suspense

6.3.2. Horror

6.3.3. Science Fiction

6.3.4. Crime Fiction