High School Starting Later in the Day

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High School Starting Later in the Day by Mind Map: High School Starting Later in the Day

1. Family Structure

1.1. Can a family be able to allow a high schooler to leave an hour early?

1.1.1. If there are younger children in middle school they would be able to help them get ready, while they, themselves, are getting ready

1.1.2. If there are two parents that work closer to home and start work at 9 this won't be a dramatic change in their life, they can just take turns who needs to leave a little closer to after 8:30

1.1.3. If the parent drops off their child are they still able too with school starting later? This may make the child have to take the bus in the end.

1.1.4. Some families may be able to make lunches for their kids ahead of time along with making and eating a sit down breakfast, explained more in individual behaviors.

2. Income Level

2.1. #1 If their is enough money flowing into the house to provide nannies to watch over the kids in order to make sure they get on the bus, while the parents would be on the way to work.#2 Parents would also be able to take their children more than likely to after-school clubs and practices as they would be getting home from their suspected 9-5 jobs. #3 Since parents will be coming home in a close range to their high schooler, they can have more of an option to have a sit down dinner, where families can connect more, discuss what they had accomplished that day, and upcoming events within the family. All of this is promoting better family dynamics.

2.2. This families within the lower socio-economic gradient will be hit harder having to find time to either leave their kids at home and trust they get on the bus, or either stay home till they get on the bus. This can pose a lot of pressure on these parents because most need all the hours of work to financially try to make it each month.

3. Biological

3.1. Does being a girl or boy yield better school performances if these students are given an extra hour to sleep in before school? --- Or because they have an extra hour will either sex be more predominately absent from school because it starts later?

4. Zip Code

4.1. Having a better zip code can influence a better school performance along with the extra hour of sleep: If students are living in a better zip code they have a better living environment and can have better transportation to and from school, less violence to encourage them to go to school, better facility members and better after school outlets for students to utilize for academics or sports.

5. Policy Making

5.1. If policy is adapted to support the extra hour of sleep for high schoolers, this will require the partnership and full cooperation of school districts, community members/leaders, and the district congressional representative. The policy would be hard to pass, as discussed with the social services, but can ultimately be doable if their is full cooperation and a positive correlation with behaviors, grades, and attendance with the students if they are sleeping-in an extra hour.

6. Social Services

6.1. How will they coordinate this with the bus system?

6.1.1. Problem #1 : most high school bus drivers will have to go and pick up the middle schoolers promptly after dropping them off at school. How will these schedules be able to cohesively exist?

6.1.2. Problem #2 : will their be enough bus drivers if middle schoolers and high schoolers start school at the same time? Problem #3 : If the school district needs to hire more bus drivers then is it in the budget in order to do so?

6.1.3. Problem #4 : Can they get everyone on board with having high school starting an hour later, encroaching into the middle school start time? A lot of PTA and school hearings will need to be held prior to making any adjustments.

7. Individual Behaviors

7.1. Improvements in behavior that can occur because of the extra hour of sleep:

7.1.1. Moodiness can change

7.1.2. Lower rates o depression

7.1.3. Better eating habitats because they can start their day off right by not rushing to grab a quick meal. They have the chance to sit down and slowly eat the correct brain-powering food items to start their day off right.

7.1.4. Being less lazy and becoming more productive can occur

7.1.5. Better overall mental health

7.1.6. Academically, students can and are improving with the extra hour of sleep