The Simple Innovation that can Improve the Lives of Parkinson's Patients

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The Simple Innovation that can Improve the Lives of Parkinson's Patients by Mind Map: The Simple Innovation that can Improve the Lives of Parkinson's Patients

1. Individual Behaviors

1.1. Positive changes:

1.1.1. From becoming socially acceptable people with Parkinson's disease can have better mood alterations, a better chance of taken all their meds, lower depressions "spells", feel more included and accepted, and less physical pain from picking up a cup and having tremors.

1.2. Potential adverse changes/outcomes :

1.2.1. Some may feel, as though this is a way of further ostracizing them as a disabled minority. This can increase depression, seclusion, and foster bad anxiety habits.

2. Biological and Genetic factors

2.1. The reason this cup was invented was to forgo the old, anxiety ridden normal coffee cups for Parkinson's patients. This was to allow them to continue to live out as normal life as possible with this disease. The cup is to subdue the liquid spillage on themselves or neighbors, while allow them to continue having tremors and exhort characteristics the disease carries with it.

3. Health Services

3.1. Will health services advocate for the use of this simply device a cup?

3.1.1. They can by allowing patients to know that they are available

3.1.2. They can up give them to their patients, to make them feel as though there is nothing biologically wrong, they can continue to live out a normal life.

4. Environment

4.1. Does someone's physical environment allow them to use this cup?

4.1.1. Will coffee shops allow them to use their own cup, instead of the establishments?

4.1.2. Can it be socially acceptable in areas of someone's town to have this cup?

4.1.3. Is it making the users of the cup more susceptible to being a target of insults and mockery from the community?

5. Family Structure

5.1. Does your family allow you to use this as an outlet to keep normality within your life?

5.1.1. Is it seen as a hinderance and making you look more handicapped?

5.1.2. or are they willing to work with you in order ti keep you as happy and content as possible during a difficult time.