Prompt: Write an essay explaining why sometimes rebellion is necessary.

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Prompt: Write an essay explaining why sometimes rebellion is necessary. by Mind Map: Prompt: Write an essay explaining why sometimes rebellion is necessary.

1. Guidelines

1.1. Anything goes!

1.2. No criticism, trolls, or flamers allowed

1.3. The Wilder The Better

1.4. Quantity is Quality

1.5. Set a Time Limit

2. Reasons

2.1. To initiate change within a society.

2.2. To fight against an establishment that mistreats its people.

2.3. To change one's situation and make it better.

2.4. To change a particular set of paradigms.

2.5. To be remembered.

2.6. To defy orders that breach one's moral or ethical beliefs

2.7. To pave our own path and understanding of the world

3. Examples

3.1. Historical

3.1.1. Haitian Revolution

3.1.2. Martin Luther

3.1.3. Paris Agreement

3.1.4. Bolshevik Revolution

3.1.5. Iranian Revolution

3.1.6. Galileo Galilei

3.1.7. Mexican Revolution

3.1.8. Claus von Stauffenberg

3.1.9. Shay's Rebellion

3.2. Economic

3.2.1. Industrial Revolution

3.2.2. Digital Revolution

3.3. Literature

3.3.1. Animal Farm

3.3.2. Hunger Games

3.3.3. Ender's Game

3.3.4. Divergent

3.4. Personal

3.4.1. Rebellion vs. Conformity Saying "No" to underage drinking

3.4.2. Peer Pressure

3.4.3. Teenage Rebellion

3.5. Pop Culture

3.5.1. The Punk Movement in Music

3.5.2. V for Vendetta

3.5.3. Schindler's List / Oskar Schindler

3.5.4. Valkyrie (movie)

3.5.5. Captain America: Civil War

3.5.6. Star Wars Trilogy

4. Captain America: Civil War

4.1. Reasons: Rebellion is sometimes necessary when a situation breaches our individual rights, or when people's lives are endangered.

4.1.1. Body Paragraph #1: Cap and Government Overreach What: After the events in the Age of Ultron, the UN drew up the Sokovia Accords, which require superheroes to register Sokovia Accords draws up regulations and limits the independence and mobility of the Avengers -- basically, they can't operate as a private organization anymore; instead, they must operate through the proper channels. How: Require heroes to register and be monitored by a higher government. Why: Cap doesn't like that because gov regulations suck. Will explain later. So, based on past experiences with SHIELD, Cap doesn't think that government entities are reliable. See SHIELD in Winter Soldier. Cap sees it as government overreach: regulations only impede the actions of the Avengers, and will make their response time to crises slower, which could lead to the cost of lives Sometimes, you need to rebel when your rights as a citizen or human being are infringed upon.

4.1.2. Body Paragraph #2: Cap and Bucky What: Additionally, Bucky, Cap's best friend, was brainwashed by Russians decades ago. Bucky is no longer a part of Hydra and therefore should not be held responsible for actions beyond his control Bucky gets wrongfully framed by Zemo and becomes a wanted fugitive. Why: Cap makes the decision to protect his friend because he knows that Bucky wouldn't take the risk to bomb the United Nations building Maybe talk about Cap and Bucky's lasting bond? This is a big deal because he was willing to face scrutiny and division at the cost of protecting his friend Sometimes, you need to rebel when