Glow Bowling Alley

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Glow Bowling Alley by Mind Map: Glow Bowling Alley

1. Increase Friction

1.1. Shoes

1.1.1. How? Add traction to bottom of shoe

1.1.2. Why? So the blower doesn't slip

1.2. Floor near the lane

1.2.1. How? Do not use slippery flooring

1.2.2. Why? To keep bowler from slipping

1.3. Ball Return

1.3.1. How? Add a rubber break to ball return

1.3.2. Why? To stop the ball when it reaches the bowler

1.4. Food Court

1.4.1. How? Use rugs

1.4.2. Why? So no one slips

1.5. Hand blower at each lane

1.5.1. How? Install small fan on the ball return

1.5.2. Why? To dry the bowlers hand and increase friction for better control

2. Decrease Friction

2.1. Oil each lane

2.1.1. How? Apply oil often

2.1.2. Why? To decrease friction and make the ball speed faster

2.2. Chalk at front counter

2.2.1. How? provide chalk bags to each bowler

2.2.2. Why? To decrease friction between the bowler's hand and the ball.

2.3. Ball return

2.3.1. How? Use ball bearings on ball return

2.3.2. Why? To return the ball to bowler more quickly

2.4. Towels at each lane

2.4.1. How? Install towel dispenser at each lane

2.4.2. Why? To clean the ball and remove dirt that would cause friction

2.5. Repair station

2.5.1. How? Purchase a ball repair machine and install at front desk

2.5.2. Why? to repair any chips in balls that could cause increase friction