Augmented/Virtual Reality

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Augmented/Virtual Reality by Mind Map: Augmented/Virtual Reality

1. Learning Assessments

1.1. Colleges and universities are starting to implement augmented reality into their curriculum.

1.2. Doctors and psychologists can use them for extensive research.

1.3. VR will always continue to develop.

2. Classroom Benefits

2.1. See the real world in the classroom

2.2. Enhances learning

3. Teacher's role

3.1. Special Education

3.1.1. Gives students any type of help they need.

3.1.2. Any speed or way a student can learn.

3.2. Better Explanation

3.2.1. Teachers have better resources to explain complex activities.

3.2.2. Students see what the teachers are talking about.

3.2.3. VR makes technology more accessible.

4. Learning Activities

4.1. Virtual field trips

4.1.1. Great Wall of china

4.1.2. Ancient cities

4.1.3. Seven wonders of the world

4.2. Content Creation

4.2.1. School's have been teaching architecture design.

5. Learning Goals

5.1. Increase student engagement

5.2. Give learners access to immersive experience.

5.3. Make the experience real enough for the learner.

6. Citations

6.1. Real Uses of Virtual Reality in Education: How Schools are Using VR | Emerging Education Technologies