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Choices and Consequences by Mind Map: Choices and Consequences
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Choices and Consequences

Buy now

satisfy your heart's desire

keep up to date with the fashions

What you want may be more expensive later

some items are worth buying as an investment now, e.g., a computer to help with your work or job search

Wait til later

get a bargain in the sales


take time to shop around for discounts

You needs may change and you find you don't need it


Save for a rainy day

Saving up for something you want

Sensible and wise


Low return for your money

Pension benefits

Possibility of buying something better later


You have to pay for it sometime

It can make you look at what's out there

May grab a bargain

Add value now for a greater return later

borrowing from family members can create significant tensions

large purchases, e.g., house are really only possible by borrowing. Borrowing allows spreading the cost over time

Teaching children bad habits