Critically Discuss how Communities can support compassionate Caring

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Critically Discuss how Communities can support compassionate Caring by Mind Map: Critically Discuss how Communities can support compassionate Caring

1. What is meant by communities

1.1. Community Definition

1.1.1. George A Hillery 1995

1.1.2. Oxford Dictionary

2. Can communities support Compassionate Caring

2.1. Enablers

2.2. Barriers

2.2.1. Austerity

2.3. Goodrich 2016

2.4. Barry & Patel 2013

2.5. Christiansen et al 2015

2.6. Reeves D et, Al 2014

2.6.1. (Reeves, D. et al., 2014) where “network support substitutes for formal care and can produce substantial saving in traditional health service utilisation costs.”

3. How

3.1. Barry & Patel 2013

3.1.1. “Communities do have the skills, knowledge, expertise and a role to play a strong partnership in end of life care; the needs to recognised.” (Barry and Patel, 2013)

3.2. Timothy P. Huffman 2016

3.2.1. Compassionare communication, Embodied about ness, and homeless young adults DOI: 10.1080/10570314.2016.1239272 link:

3.2.2. Research gate

3.3. Volunteering sector

3.3.1. Sarah Riches And Jaqueline Kelly 2016 P32 Building a compassionate Community - new ways of partnering for community empowerment P30 - Printed

3.4. NHS/Medical sector

3.4.1. Sally Muylders 2016 P-25 Volunteers: resources or people? Research gate

3.4.2. compassion: a concept analysis M. Schantz 2007

3.4.3. Optimising Impact and sustainability Bridges et al 2017 printed

3.5. Ethics

3.5.1. compassion as a basis for ethics in medical education Leget, C. and Olthuis, G. 2017

4. What is compassionate Care

5. Back Ground

5.1. Francis Report

5.2. 6 C's

5.2.1. 3 Year Strategy "Staff highlighted some significant barriers to delivering compassionate care and at the same time gave examples of excellent responses to the need for change to embed the 6Cs and Compassion in Practice strategy." ompassionate in Practice: Evidencing the impact. (2016). [ebook] NHS England. Available at: [Accessed 4 Dec. 2017].

5.3. policies in place

5.3.1. The care act 2014

5.4. Current Policies

5.5. Current initiatives

5.6. compassionate Care act NHS

6. Compassionate Care and the care act 2014

6.1. Local Authority's duty

6.2. Personalisation

6.3. Under the Care Act 2014, it is the duty of the local authority to promote individual well-being. One aspect of this is the individual’s social well-being. ( 2017)