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Quality Projects by Mind Map: Quality Projects

1. Cost

1.1. CUE Report

1.1.1. BU Breakdown Budget Utilization (to-date) Awarded w/ NOA List of Awarded Projects Supply For Delivery For Manufacturing Awaits FAT Advance Deliveries List of Projects with Advance Deliveries Works Low (w/o Dec. Projections) High For Awards List of Projects for Award Bid Submission List of Projects for Bidding Site Management/EGSD By Region

1.1.2. CAPEX Performance CUE (To-date) CUE (End-of-Year) Sensitivity Analysis on Low-High Scenario By Region By Project

1.1.3. Projections October to December Contract Type FS LSID LDFS Works Contract Status New On-going 2018 On-going 2017 On-going 2016 By Region By Project

1.1.4. CUE Historical Performance Corporate Performance P&E Performance

1.2. Variance Report

1.2.1. Reasons Major Reasons Detailed Reasons

1.2.2. Variances Positive Negative

1.2.3. Category Type Supply Work Pre-con Site Management Test & Comissioning Others

1.2.4. By Region By Project By Contract/PO

1.3. Budget 2019 Report

1.3.1. Monthly Budget Projection Contract Status On-going 2016 On-going 2017 New Category Contract Admin ETSD Sub-Category Consulting Services ETSD SM Supply Works Supply/Works T&C Project Drivers GE LG PQ SR ERC Status 3RP Filed For Filing WPA Asset Type SC SS TL

1.3.2. By Region By Project By Contract

1.4. CEA Report/Project Cost Inventory

1.4.1. Project Cost

1.4.2. Cost Comparison ERC cost Contract Cost Utilization Engineering Cost ROW Cost

1.4.3. By Region By Project

1.5. Contract Cost Status Report

1.5.1. Contract Amount

1.5.2. Invoice (Billed-to-Date)

1.5.3. Delivered (GR/Service Entry)

1.5.4. Contract Balance Balance of Payment Balance of Work

1.5.5. Retention

1.5.6. Liquidated Damages

1.5.7. By Region By Project By Contract/PO

2. Scope

2.1. Project Asset Inventory

2.1.1. Project Components SS TL

2.1.2. Asset Status Completed On-going Deferred

2.1.3. ERC status 3RP 4RP 5RP

2.1.4. Asset Growth Total MVA Capacity Total CKT-KM

2.1.5. Project Status ERC Bid Out Awarded Completed

2.1.6. By Region By Project

2.2. Contract Monitoring

2.2.1. Contract Details Pertinent Data

2.2.2. Variation Orders Extra Work Order Change Order

2.2.3. Packaging of Projects

2.2.4. List of Projects ERC Project (Mother) Contract/PO By Contractor

2.2.5. By Region By Project By Contract/PO

3. Schedule

3.1. Contract Monitoring

3.1.1. Contract Status Expired Contract Time Nearly to Expire On-going Completed Work Suspended

3.1.2. Contract Expiry By Year By Month

3.1.3. Contract Time Extension Completed On-going No Start Date Yet Not Yet Started

3.1.4. By Region By Project By Contract/PO

3.2. Project Timeline

3.2.1. Estimate Time Completion

3.2.2. Pre-con Activities Site Selection Route/Topo Survey Engineering Survey Geological Investigation Environmental Permits Parcellary Survey/ROW Valuation ROW Acquisition Bidding Documents NTP Construction Permit Construction

3.2.3. By Year By Month