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The Dental Xp by Mind Map: The Dental Xp
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The Dental Xp

Design Brief:

Creation of a new, dynamic interface with a warmly welcoming ambience for the Dental Clinic. Designing an installation functioning as a signage. 



     Visit to the Dental Clinic on 4th Aug >> The place is buzzing with activities with a lot of traffic flowing through constantly attributing to the very dusty blur of buildings. In addition to this is the long pending MTR construction coming this way (towards the Dental clinic’s building) with shadows of a possible demolition of buildings in an attempt to widen the road (so the locals say). In front of the Dental Clinic, the MTR is said to extend upto Thiruninravoor (An hour by bus from PADI Lucas TVS). Perpendicular to this road from the Dental Clinic building is the road to Koratoor. Down this road live the affluent and well-to-do in very rich mansions on to one side. Beyond the railway crossing where this road meets is a socially different class of people (middle class/ordinary). The well-to-do have an EHS hospital with special privileges to cater to them. Around the railway crossing point is a busy and popular General practice doctor named kamalakanna who caters to all kinds of physical ailments of the commoner. The area behind the dental clinic has a mixed class of people from different walks of life. This population usually drives down the koratoor road daily to commute to work/study. Hence this junction sports a heavy traffic flow in the morning’s office-going hours and evenings with office/school-to-home returing folks. The TVS bus stand which is a half kilometer walk from the Dental Clinic is where the MTR construction is to rebegin. The lady at the tea shop adjacent to the bus stop says sor any medical issue they travel to KMC,GH or another one which is down the road parallel to the MTR. It has been around 4 years since the MTR construction began in the area. It has extended its arms and come to completion in all the directions towards ICF. Now PADI awaits this MTR with a very dusty face. The dental Clinic building has been around for over 20 years at least, “Not” been painted for a very long time. The owner would have to decide to spend on it to improve the weathered old garb of the building- (according to one of the shop owners in the building )


  Dr. Emmanuel's Dental Clinic in Padi, though located in front of a busy road, does not get the attention of passersby. The nondescript old building's signage cluttered face which houses various shops and services including the dental clinic makes the Dental Clinic inconspicuous.


Factors to consider


weather proof [wind, heat, dust - resistant]  


Easily viewable : for atleast 100meters in front and 10 meters from each side.


visually marked with bold colors 


Animated elements creating a live ambience


Passersby sub/consciously (drawn to it and) take note in their mind


Size and style of typeface and structure facilitate easy reading from a distance


Odd-one-out (outstanding) - lend distinction to the building

New node