Starting a business

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Starting a business by Mind Map: Starting a business

1. Mike

1.1. 4th-8th grade educators

1.1.1. Writing List reasons for starting a business Research questions for business plan Write a business plan

1.1.2. Math Read and write a budget Business Games for Kids Earning Money: Income and Wages

1.1.3. Social Studies Becoming an Entrepreneur Decision-making involving risks in starting a new business Describe how entrepreneurs fill a market need

2. Janine

2.1. K- 3rd grade educators

3. Glenn

3.1. 9th-12th grade

3.1.1. TechnicalWriting/ Business Proposals

3.1.2. Financing

3.1.3. Analyzing Market (Analyzing Audience in Writing)

4. Kerri

4.1. Communication

5. Russel

5.1. Branding/Marketing

5.1.1. Create a jingle using uJam or GarageBand

5.1.2. Create a recognizable logo using ???? (Web 2.0 tool)

6. Priscilla