06/06 - Cybersafety

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06/06 - Cybersafety by Mind Map: 06/06 - Cybersafety

1. Resources

1.1. Law link

1.1.1. Case Law St Patrick's Catholic School

1.2. Primary School

1.2.1. Moshi Monsters

2. Devices

2.1. MSN

2.2. Facebook

2.3. Google

2.4. Wikipedia

2.5. You Tube

2.6. DS

2.7. PSP

2.8. iPods

2.9. iPads

2.10. Smartphone

2.10.1. iPhones

2.10.2. More than 1 more

3. Cybercitizen

3.1. 4 Capabilities

3.1.1. Positive Online Behaviour Develop positive relationships Appropriate Communication Use emoticons appropraitely Respond appropriately when communication is hurtful Develops skills for positive communication Keep personal details private

3.1.2. Digital Media Literacy Analyse media Validity and integrity Risks to personal safety Unwanted attention Using flirty nicknames Undesireable self image Identity theft Downloading Safely

3.1.3. Peer and Personal Safety Safe Social networking

3.1.4. e-Security Facebook 700 Million Users Be aware of fake celebrity sites Mining private information Non-existent prizes Viruses 60,000 new viruses daily

3.2. Cyberbullying

3.2.1. Repeated hostile behaviour

3.2.2. Peaks at year 5

3.2.3. Next peak at year 7/8

3.2.4. Signs Unexpected changes in behaviour Changes in mood Reluctance to talk Isolation/ not interacting with friends Avoiding school or certain classes Changes in computer or phone use

3.2.5. Advice Talk to a trusted adult Capture screen dumps of messages Save Messages to use as evidence Report abuse - Use the cybersmart help button Report the sender Teacher advice Ensure student is safe Provide support Contact parents

4. Duty of Care

4.1. Owed to student when they are at school

4.2. Failure to take reasonable care could amount to negligence

4.3. Technology

4.3.1. A duty of care extends outside of school grounds

4.3.2. If a student may be harmed

5. Social Networking

5.1. Teacher Advice

5.1.1. Relationship Status

5.1.2. Incriminating Photos

5.1.3. Inappropriate Posts

5.1.4. Inappropriate Groups

5.1.5. Liking Certain Posts