Ingles lll

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Ingles lll by Mind Map: Ingles lll

1. There were

1.1. Plural


2.1. + Were/weren´t + Complement

2.2. Plural "You, They, we"

2.3. Examples

2.3.1. We were old friends.

2.3.2. He and Mary were good students.

3. Superlatives

3.1. The most movies

3.1.1. homework

3.1.2. Books

3.1.3. Jobs

3.2. The most/The ____est + Adjetive

3.3. Adjetivos

3.3.1. Short

3.3.2. Long

4. There was

4.1. Singular

5. Irregular verbs

5.1. Son los que al cambiar cambia casi toda la palabra

6. Regular verbs

6.1. Pronunciation

6.1.1. Termination Si termina en "T" o "D" se pronuncia como /ID/ Needed...... Need/id/ Invited...... Invit/id/ Si termina en vocal "B, V, L, R, Z, G, M, N." se pronuncia como /D/ Loved..... Lov/d/ Called..... Call/d/ Cuando el ultimo sonido no vibra o termina en "Sh, Ch, S, F, K, P, Th" se pronuncia como /T/ Watched.... Watch/t/ Touched..... Touch/t/

6.2. Rules

6.2.1. Al verbo se le agrega "Ed" al final Talk.... Talked Push.... Pushed Offer.... Offered

6.2.2. Si termina en "E" solo se le agrega la "D" Like..... Liked Free.... Freed Move.... Moved

6.2.3. Si el verbo termina en consonante+"Y" se cambia por "I" y se agrega el "Ed" Carry..... Carried Dry..... Dried Apply.... Applied

6.2.4. Si termina en vocal+"Y" solo se agrega el "Ed" Play..... Played Stay..... Stayed Pray..... Prayed

6.2.5. Si la terminación es consonante+vocal+consonante se duplica la ultima letra excepto "Y, X, W" Stop.... Stopped Hug.... Hugged Tap.... Tapped

7. Comparatives

7.1. As and as

7.1.1. Significa "Tan-como"

7.1.2. Examples Apples are as healtfly as orange My horse can run as fast as a car

7.2. La Pelicula es

7.2.1. más que el libro

7.3. Adjetives

7.3.1. Cortos Se les agrega "Er" al final Small..... Smaller Bigg.... Bigger Si terminan en "E" se les agrega solo la "R" Late..... Later Large.... Larger

7.3.2. Largos Al adjetivo se le agrega antes un "More" More intelligent More wonderful

8. Was or Wasn´t

8.1. + Were + Complement

8.2. Personal "I, She, He, It."

8.3. Examples

8.3.1. She was a god student

8.3.2. He was a good football player