Social Family

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Social Family by Mind Map: Social Family


1.1. Healthy development

1.2. Safe Environment

1.3. Innovative/Creative Teaching

1.4. Community Learning

1.4.1. Gain Confidence

1.4.2. Responsible for Learning

1.5. 4 Agreements

1.5.1. Mutual Respect

1.5.2. Right to Participate/Pass

1.5.3. Attentive Listening

1.5.4. Appreciation/No Put-downs

1.6. Reflection

1.7. Energizers

2. Reciprocal Teaching

2.1. Student Becomes Teacher

2.2. 4 Strategies

2.2.1. Summarizing Highlights Key Points in Text

2.2.2. Questioning Poses Questions about Text

2.2.3. Clarifying Addresses Confusing Points and Answers Questions

2.2.4. Predicting Predicts what will Happen Next in the Story or What the Author will Say

2.3. Improves Comprehension

2.4. Teacher Nurtures and Guides

3. Cognitive Apprenticeship

3.1. Engage Students in Real-World Scenarios

3.2. 6 Components

3.2.1. Modeling Modeling of Expert Performance Modeling of Process in the World

3.2.2. Coaching Assist Learners in Learning

3.2.3. Scaffolding Support Students at Higher Abilities Support From More Knowledgable Others Gradually Remove Assistance

3.2.4. Reflection Analyze Performance

3.2.5. Articulation Learning Explicitly through Language

3.2.6. Exploration Obtains Knowledge on Their Own Exploration of World Exploration of Problem Solving Process

3.3. Promotes Higher Order Thinking