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Presentation of the complete offer with links to detailed information of The Internet Business School founded by Simon Coulson who is a highly successful internet entrepreneur – having generated more than £20 million in online sales across five separate businesses, using the power of the internet. The Internet Business School – the UKs most up-to-date Internet Marketing Training company whose programmes include the popular Diploma in Internet Marketing which is a nationally recognised course...

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The Internet Business School by Mind Map: The Internet Business School

1. Multimedia Marketing Course

1.1. Learn How To Use Audio And Video to Differentiate Your Business And Dominate The Search Engines …

1.1.1. With more and more time being spent online watching video, sharing photos and listening to podcasts, you need to ensure you are properly taking advantage of these tools to effectively position you and your business in the market place. These multimedia channels have created a new way of communicating with existing customers, improving customer experience as well as giving you the ability to reach a whole new audience. This multimedia marketing online training course will teach you the essential audio & video skills that you need to set you ahead of your competition. Just Some Of The Things You Will Learn In This Course: How to dominate the search engines with video; How to drive free traffic How to create and build your brand online How to create and repurpose your content for maximum results

2. Online Course Creation

2.1. Learn How To Create And Sell Your Own Bespoke Online Training Courses – Live Events

2.1.1. This intensive training course covers every element of the online course creation system you will need. Learn how to identify niche markets you can capitalise on, plan and create your own online training course and follow the step-by-step creation process to getting your own training course online fast. *Live training events offered – see upcoming dates below* The online ‘education market’ is expanding rapidly as the appeal of being able to learn at your own pace from the comfort of your own home is growing year on year. Online training courses are a great way for people to learn new skills, keep up to date with moving trends and gain easy access to information to advance careers without interfering with their lifestyles too much. Online learning has created a ‘speedy learning environment’ and with multimedia being so easy to use these days as well as mobile internet access it also means teaching techniques are changing and this course will show you how to take advantage of this growing online trend

3. Business Outsourcing Mastery Course

3.1. Learn How To Run A Profitable & Highly Successful Business By Using Freelancers & Outsourcers …

3.1.1. This comprehensive and informative course will teach you how to use freelancers and outsourcers to build a successful and profitable business whilst freeing up your own time. You will be amazed at all the different elements of your business you can outsource. You Will Struggle To Grow A Successful Business Without The Use Of Outsourcers. Although business outsourcing has been around for many years it is still not being utilised by the vast majority of business owners. A common problem with outsourcing is finding the right people to do the right job. Searching for the right outsourcer can be very time-consuming not to mention frustrating, so you need to know how to do this properly & where to find these people quickly to be successful. This course will equip you with all the information, training and tools you need to become competent in the use of outsourcers.

4. Rapid Implementation Workshop

4.1. Learn How To Create And Launch Your Own Online Business In Just 1 Day …

4.1.1. Would you like to know how you can create an online business from scratch in just one single day? Our ‘Rapid Implementation‘ Workshop will show you exactly how to do that. You will go from zero to live with a product, using just your laptop and guidance with our expert Internet Marketing instructor. (This is a Live Event with hands on training). More importantly, the website you create to promote your product can simply be repeated as many times as you wish. In addition, you’ll learn the secrets of online business success and set yourself on the path to financial freedom, or to growing your existing business. We’ll also give you everything you need; the basic site plus hosting, as well as priceless resources to copy the formula again and again.

5. Sales Funnels Masterclass

5.1. Learn How To Set Up An Online Sales Funnel To Effectively Convert New Leads To Happy Repeat Customers

5.1.1. Setting up an effective marketing system that clearly defines your sales process and is automated to move new leads through these stages is the key to building a solid online business. Having a solid sales funnel in place, means having a system that not only helps to generate new leads for your business but is automated to deal with these leads, prospects and customers differently. Having a professional ‘Sales Funnel’ in place builds the ideal customer experience and also gives you the ability to stay in touch with your customers on a regular basis. Having regular communication with them naturally helps to build the trust factor, which in turn will mean repeat buyers. Once you set this process up correctly using the system we show you, you can automate your marketing system to ensure your leads, prospects and customers get the best possible experience with your business. Join Chris Cooney in this online course as he goes through the process in detail and shows you how to develop a solid sales strategy to ensure repeat business and maximum profits.

6. Seminar Success

6.1. Learn How to Set Up Your Very Own Lucrative Seminar Business Promoting Yourself Or Others …

6.1.1. You can set up and run seminars or events on ANY SUBJECT people want to learn about and they will pay good money to attend. They are easy to set up and highly lucrative. Seminars can be industry specific , such as how to generate more clients for your Vets, Dentist, Carpet, Tiling, Blinds, Accountancy business or it could be on a subject with some specific expertise such as Fly Fishing, Car Restoration, Coaching, Weight Loss, Sports, Hobbies or Interests. In this online course, you will discover just how easy it is to set this up, even if you feel you don’t have a specific skill or interest people would pay to learn about. We we will show you how to leverage the expertise of others and follow a step-by-step proven blueprint to generate your own seminar profits.

7. How To Become A Professional SEO Consultant

7.1. Learn How To Set Up & Run A Highly Profitable & Successful Business as a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Consultant

7.1.1. Ever wondered what it takes to get your website on Page 1 of Google? This highly educational and informative LIVE 1-day training course will teach you how to set up and run your very own business as an SEO Consultant. The demand for effective SEO services has never been higher and on this course, you will learn a whole host of professional proven strategies & tips for getting your clients websites on the 1st page of Google & other search engines. Every Business Owner Wants Their Website On Page 1 Of Google, Which Presents You With A Very Lucrative Opportunity You need no prior experience of Search Engine Optimisation in order to attend this course. Your tutor will take you on a step-by-step journey explaining what SEO is, the different levels of SEO service you should offer and also how to find clients for your new business. This course will equip you with all the information, tips and tools you need to become an ‘in-demand’ SEO Consultant. Business owners big and small now realise the impact Google is having on how we do business so being visible on Google is now a marketing priority for all business owners who understand the power of the internet.

8. Snapchat Tutorials

8.1. Learn All About The Latest Social Media Platform And Why You Should Get In Early To Take Advantage Of This Expanding Market …

8.1.1. Snapchat is a social media platform which is only accessible from your mobile or tablet via an app. At the beginning of 2017 it has 100 million active users, and 400 million snaps have already been sent. The yellow square that shows on your phone and allows you to take pix, videos and send messages is worth a reported $16billion and it’s not for sale. Here’s where it gets interesting …. 25% of phone users have downloaded the app – and yet only 3% of users are businesses So can you see why Snapchat and you need to get acquainted? This is an untapped market, and if you get in early, you could really take advantage. You don’t need a young person to learn Snapchat! You can follow along with the step by step video tutorials to build your Snapchat knowledge at your own pace, so by the time you have completed this easy to follow online course, you will be an expert on Snapchat in your business circles!

9. Social Media Marketing Consultant Course

9.1. Learn How To Become A Professional Social Media Marketing Consultant With ZERO Experience In One Of The Fastest Growing Industries In The 21st Century…

9.1.1. Join us on this comprehensive course where you will learn all you need to know to set up and manage your own professional Social Media Marketing Consultant Business. This course will teach you everything you need from getting high-paying clients to running successful campaigns, all whilst building an outstanding reputation as a Social Media Marketing Consultant, even with no prior experience! Social Media Marketing Is Now One Of The Fastest Growing Industries Of Our Time Social Media is now a ‘must have’ marketing tool for all types of businesses. However, business owners are struggling to understand and find the time to manage their Social Media Platforms. This has opened up a highly lucrative opportunity for anyone with the skills to tap into this market.

10. Unlimited Online Support

10.1. Would You Like Unlimited Access To Our Team Of Experts?

10.1.1. For a lot of people starting a new online business means working on your own from home; which makes it difficult to move forward when you run into problems. We understand you will have questions, and we are here to support you. Creating your online business can be confusing; there are a lot of moving parts to assemble. You can waste a lot of time trying to figure things out on your own and as we all know … time is money. We want to make absolutely certain you have everything you need, to start or move your business forward. With our ‘Unlimited Online Support’ service, you have access to the knowledge and experience of Simon and his team. A full team of professionals to support and fastrack your business success.

11. Twitter Tutorials

11.1. Learn How To Reach A Global Audience & Promote Your Business With Just 140 Characters On Twitter …

11.1.1. Twitter is a leading social networking site enabling users to reach a global audience, using messages of 140 characters called ‘Tweets’. Whatever the size of your business, Twitter will help you reach new customers, engage with existing ones and build trust and brand awareness locally and globally if desired, for free. This online video course will walk you through how to set up your account, the functionality of the platform, how to build a following on Twitter and how to promote your products / services for free and with paid promotions using Twitter’s paid advertising channel.

12. Udemy Course Creation

12.1. Learn How to Create Your Very Own Udemy Course And Get Your Course In Front Of A Ready Made Audience …

12.1.1. Udemy is an online marketplace dedicated specifically to learning. 10 million+ students are taking courses in a wide variety of topics from programming to photography and also includes topics such as yoga and meditation, you can practically find a course on virtually anything. Presented by course creation expert John Colley, this comprehensive online course will give you everything you need to create, market and sell your very own online courses to millions of customers around the world. The majority of people simply don’t realise how much they know, and how much expertise they actually have in their particular field. They’ll look at other people in the exact same niche as themselves, and view those people as the ‘EXPERTS’. They simply lack the confidence to put themselves out there, or don’t know the steps they need to take to monetize their knowledge. It’s time to unleash your inner expert, teach the world, and get paid for it. You can even use this information to generate an income stream from a ‘hobby or interest’. And that’s the beauty of it… You can create an online course on virtually ANY SUBJECT you can think of, and as long as there’s a market for it and this course will show you how to check this, then people will pay good money to discover what you know.

13. WordPress for

13.1. Beginners

13.1.1. Learn How To Quickly And Easily Create Professional Looking Websites Without Paying Professionals or Coding Knowledge … Our WordPress Beginners course will show you how to create professional looking websites, without hiring a designer or having to ‘code’. WordPress is quickly becoming the platform of choice for creating websites. It is an online, open source, non techie website creation tool. It’s probably the easiest and most powerful blogging and website content management system (CMS) available today. * Please see schedule below for any upcoming live training events. Well known brands such as CNN, Wall Street journal. ebay, UPS. and Ben & Jerry’s use WordPress as the platform to build their websites. Knowing where to start when customizing your WordPress site can be a little overwhelming, however, our online WordPress course, will provide you with the knowledge and tools you require to create, market, manage and update any WordPress website.

13.2. Advanced

13.2.1. Learn Advanced WordPress Techniques To Create A Totally Customised, Mobile Responsive, Search Engine Ready Website Our WordPress Advanced course will show you how to customise your website like a professional. If you studied our Beginners WordPress Course, you will know by now that WordPress offers limitless opportunities; as a blogging platform as well as a tool to create great looking websites which you can customise using themes and plugins. * Please see schedule below for any upcoming live training events. Join us on our online WordPress courses which will provide you with the knowledge and tools required to create, market, manage and update any WordPress website. * Please see schedule below for upcoming live training events. Online study options also available.

14. Affiliate / CPA Marketing

14.1. Learn How To Generate A Full Or Part Time Income Online Without Your Own Products or Website …

14.1.1. ... Have you ever thought about creating a full or part time passive income on the internet? Are you aware it is possible to achieve this without spending time creating your own products or expensive website and you can get paid without consumers actually having to even buy anything? CPA Marketing (cost per action) is an easy way to make money online. You are basically getting paid to generate leads to other people’s websites, products or services where those visitors take a specific ‘action’ when they reach the desired destination. For example: a website click on a particular link, complete a sign up form for a free offer, fill in a contact request form, sign up for a newsletter or register to receive a free sample or product information. In this comprehensive online course, you will learn the exact step-by-step formula to get accepted by CPA networks and launch your very own CPA Affiliate business to start making $500 to $2500+ passively each month from home.

15. Amazon Business Mastery Course

15.1. Learn How To Start, Set Up & Successfully Run Your Very Own Amazon Selling Business …

15.1.1. Join us on this comprehensive training course to discover how to start and successfully run your very own Amazon business. The number of people who are now successfully running a £1,000,000+ Amazon business is growing FAST .. AND … one of the best things about selling on Amazon is you don’t even need your own website or goods in order to be successful ! Amazon Is Now One Of The Largest UK Marketplaces … The simple fact is, virtually EVERYONE now buys their products and goods on Amazon, which presents you with a unique opportunity and a simple way to start and grow a successful online business. This course will teach you how to simply leverage the buying power of Amazon’s 300,000,000+ registered users and sell direct to them with “in-demand” products.

16. Book Publishing Course

16.1. Learn All You Need Yo Know To Write Your Own Book, Get It Published And Start Making Sales …

16.1.1. Writing a book and then finding a publisher can be hard work, and even if you manage it, your publisher will no doubt take most of the profits. Thanks to the introduction of Amazon Kindle, and many other tools and resources now available, the concept of ‘Self-Publishing’ is a profitable reality. In this comprehensive course, presented by UK best-selling author and publisher, Richard McMunn, you will learn the step-by-step process for writing a best-seller even with no prior experience and the proven blueprint for getting the book published yourself. This means you won’t need to find a traditional publishing house, if you don’t want to and you’ll get to keep 100% of the profits. * You can choose from a live training event or you can study this course online … upcoming course dates at the end of this page.

17. Create a Web Shop Fast

17.1. Want To Know How To Get An Online Shop Up & Running In A Matter Of Hours? Join Us For a Full, Fun & Easy Packed Training Day & Launch Your Own Online Shop!

17.1.1. If you’re new to selling online, we understand that starting an online business can be overwhelming, that’s why we’re running this packed one day training course to help you launch an online shop in just one day! If you want to get up and running in just a matter of hours, selling online, globally and have great SEO on your site join us and learn how to create great compelling content, products or services and insider tips to getting in front of a £5 billion audience. We’re going to be using the UK’s favourite platform, EKM Powershop, where building an online shop is quick, easy and stress-free …PLUS you also get: Great themes Free logo’s Easy setup Easily connect to your favourite payment gateway Launch your online shop quicker

18. Ebay Marketing

18.1. Learn How To Launch Your Own eBay Business With Our Step By Step Ebay Income System …

18.1.1. Discover the proven step-by-step blueprint for creating a 5-figure a month eBay business from home. Presented by eBay “Power Seller” Stephen Lennox, this comprehensive online course will give you everything you need to launch your very own eBay business and start making £1,000 to £50,000 a month from home. eBay is a unique business model because you hardly need to invest anything in order to start making money from it. When you know which products are in high-demand and where to find them, you’ll be able to maximize your returns and create a thriving eBay business in no time. Setting up your eBay account the right way is crucial to your success on this platform. Follow our step-by-step ‘set-up’ process which gives you the quickest and most direct route to achievement.

19. Facebook Ads

19.1. Learn How To Use Facebook Ads To Reach Your Ideal Customers, Generate New Leads & Drive Sales In Your Business

19.1.1. Facebook is still one of the most popular Social Media networks on the internet, which means your ideal customer is on Facebook, regardless of what type of business you run. This online course will show you how to use Facebook ads to get your services / products in front of your ideal audience, for as little as £5 per day! Social media is quickly becoming mainstream media and getting massive exposure for your business has never been easier! Facebook ads give small businesses with limited advertising budgets the opportunity to get massive exposure and advertise to their ideal target audience. Learn How To Find Your Ideal Customers You have access to extensive targeting features, to enable you to get your products in front of a specific group of people based on factors such as location, age, gender, marital status, even down to their personal interests or salary range! This opens up so many possibilities for your business. Once you know who you want to market to, what kind of people would be most likely to buy your products or use your services, it means you can find them on Facebook with the targeting features. Facebook users are highly engaged, spending more and more time on Facebook daily, which is great for ads exposure. It also offers a lot more flexibility than Google advertising, it is more targeted and is more cost effective.

20. Facebook Marketing Course

20.1. Learn How To Use Facebook To Drive Targeted Traffic To Your Website & Market Your Business

20.1.1. Have you ever wondered how some of the biggest names in the game get such a lot of traffic to their websites using social media sites like Facebook? If you could get at least a quarter of their traffic, what would that mean for you and your business? What would it mean to learn a step by step strategy on how you could drive a ton of targeted traffic in NO time at all simply using the power of Facebook and nothing else? Presented by successful Internet Marketer Jay Hastings, this comprehensive online course will give you everything you need to drive tons of laser targeted traffic to your website.

21. Google Adwords Masterclass

21.1. Discover How To Use Google Adwords To Create Effective Marketing Campaigns and Quickly Increase Your Profits …

21.1.1. This online course will show you how to get instant targeted traffic using Google AdWords that converts. This is a hands-on, intensive, practical training course – you will have no excuse for not being able to create effective campaigns that increase your profits! By using Google Adwords it means your business will be seen by your ideal customers at very time they are searching on Google for products or services that you offer and you will only pay when they click on your ad to visit your website or get in touch. This Masterclass Is Right For You If You’ve Ever … Tried Google’s Adwords, but not made it work for you ? Wasted money on clicks without converting these into sales ? Wondered how others seem to make it work when you aren’t ? Want to learn how to set up campaigns the right way ? Want to learn how to do this to offer as a service to business owners ?

22. Local Business Marketing

22.1. Learn How To Get More Leads, Prospects & Cash Flow To Your ‘Local’ Business or Start Your Own Local Business Marketing Agency …

22.1.1. Local Business Marketing represents a great opportunity. Many companies understand the importance of being online in order to get exposure and remain successful, however many don’t have the time, understanding, or know how to market their business properly. If you’re currently a ‘local’ business owner this training course will teach you how to improve your own businesses exposure online to get more leads and customers. If you’re looking for a career change, this training course will teach you how to generate an income as a Local Business Marketing Consultant helping small business owners in the UK get more leads, prospects and cash-flow into their businesses. * This course is offered as a live training event periodically, please check the end of this page for upcoming live event dates.

23. Market Research Masterclass

23.1. Learn How To Research Any Online Business To Ensure Success Before You Even Start !

23.1.1. The key to making wise and profitable decisions in business is to understanding your market. This means knowing who your customers are, what it is they want from your product or service and being able to deliver this in a profitable way. Whether you are thinking of starting an online business or blog, or you already own one or a traditional brick and mortar business, you need to research your market to ensure you achieve online success and maintain it. This online course will show you how to analyse any market or niche to get an accurate insight into your chances of success, before you spend any money building websites or pages, or advertise online. This course is equally useful to owners of online or brick and mortar businesses, to get more traffic and social engagement, and improve conversion. You will learn how to do your own online market research and use the results to power your online business, in this hands-on workshop.

24. Membership Sites

24.1. Learn How To Make Residual Income With The Membership Site Business Model

24.1.1. Membership sites are becoming an increasingly prevalent business model. This type of online platform allows members to gain access to content you publish once they sign up and pay the membership fee you specify. This business model is a great way to generate passive residual income. Within every membership site, you have the facility to set up various levels of access and put different pricing structures in place depending on the level of access being granted to your content. During this online course your instructor will take you through the exact steps you need to take to set up your own membership site, or convert your existing website into the membership business model. You will also learn about the strategy and technology you need to set up and operate your membership site successfully.

25. Mobile Marketing

25.1. Learn How To Use Mobile Marketing To Engage A Rapidly Growing Mobile Audience …

25.1.1. The amount of time we spend on mobile devices is growing year on year, so ensuring your business website is optimised for mobile devices is essential. However, just being ‘mobile optimised’ is not enough these days, you also need to understand what a ‘mobile’ audience responds to best and how to engage them effectively. Why Should You Learn About Mobile Marketing? In this online course you will discover how ‘Mobile Marketing’ is arguably the easiest way you can get close to your audience. By utilising mobile you are maximising the benefits of proximity, most people have their mobile within arms reach at all times of the day. Mobile users are online each and everyday, so this gives you an incredible opportunity to reach and interact with your ideal clients quickly. In this online course you will learn all you need to know about getting