Computer Class Self Evaluation

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Computer Class Self Evaluation by Mind Map: Computer Class Self Evaluation

1. Projects

1.1. Business Project

1.1.1. This project was a great learning experience and taught me about how starting a small business can be hard and how to succeed if things go your way

1.1.2. I did a lot of the work on the project and I feel that I carried my team.

1.1.3. Though i carried my team, I believe that I did not complete the task.

1.1.4. The Porject turned out at an ok stage in the end, but there were many improvements that could have been made.

1.2. Movie Project

1.2.1. The Movie Project was about how to make a movie about Virtual Reality.

1.2.2. The project taught me a lot about how to use Window's Movie Maker and how I should stick to the better Mac processors.

1.2.3. The movie turned out well and was able to capture the morals of Virtual Reality and portray them to the audience well.

1.2.4. I believe that I deserved the B I received on the project.

1.2.5. Though the project was frustrating at times, the overall product was well done.

1.3. Web Site Project

1.3.1. The Web Site Project was a complete job well done.

1.3.2. I believe that i have done an excellent job on the sites and that I can use the process later in life.

1.3.3. This time around I think I deserve a high B or an A.

2. I Belaive I should receive a high B or low A because of the work that I have installed on my web pages and the knowledge that I have obtained in the last year.

3. Through out the last two years I have learned how to deal with the Window's software and how to deal with the problems that arise with the software.

3.1. I can now better understand the way computers work, and how some soft ware is better.