Grade nine Science

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Grade nine Science by Mind Map: Grade nine Science

1. Mr.Najbor

1.1. Physical Science

1.1.1. Unit 4- The nature of matter Chapter 15-classification of matter Chapter 16- Solids,Liquids, and Gases Chapter 17-Properties of Atoms and the Periodic Table of Elements

1.1.2. Unit 5- Diversity of Matter Chapter 19-Elements and Their Properties Chapter 20- Chemical Bonds Chapter 21- Chemical Reactions

1.1.3. Unit 6- Interactions of Matter Chapter 22- Solutions Chapter 23- Acids, Bases, and Salts Chapter 25- New Materials Through Chemistry

2. Ms. De Armond

2.1. Life Science

2.1.1. Unit 1-Life's structure and Function Chapter 1- Exploring and Classifying Life

2.1.2. Unit 3- Animal Diversty Chapter 12- Introduction to Animals Chapter 13-Mollusks,Worms, Arthropods, Echinoderms Chapter 14-Fish, Amphibians,and Reptiles

3. Mrs.Manning

3.1. Lessons

3.1.1. Electromagnetism Electrochemical Cell Wet Cell Dry Cell Circuits Components

3.1.2. Magnetism North Pole South Pole Motors Electric Force