Grade nine Science

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Grade nine Science by Mind Map: Grade nine Science

1. Ms. De Armond

1.1. Life Science

1.1.1. Unit 1-Life's structure and Function Chapter 1- Exploring and Classifying Life

1.1.2. Unit 3- Animal Diversty Chapter 12- Introduction to Animals Chapter 13-Mollusks,Worms, Arthropods, Echinoderms Chapter 14-Fish, Amphibians,and Reptiles

2. Mrs.Manning

2.1. Lessons

2.1.1. Electromagnetism Electrochemical Cell Wet Cell Dry Cell Circuits Components

2.1.2. Magnetism North Pole South Pole Motors Electric Force

3. Mr.Najbor

3.1. Physical Science

3.1.1. Unit 4- The nature of matter Chapter 15-classification of matter Chapter 16- Solids,Liquids, and Gases Chapter 17-Properties of Atoms and the Periodic Table of Elements

3.1.2. Unit 5- Diversity of Matter Chapter 19-Elements and Their Properties Chapter 20- Chemical Bonds Chapter 21- Chemical Reactions

3.1.3. Unit 6- Interactions of Matter Chapter 22- Solutions Chapter 23- Acids, Bases, and Salts Chapter 25- New Materials Through Chemistry