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Play by Mind Map: Play

1. Initiate- There should be balance between child-initiated play and adult-supported play. Child initiated play can be supported by teachers through the mindful set up of the environment. The environment should reflect children's interests, thus making it appealing and engaging.

2. Explore- By giving children space to explore, they are able to take risks and explore ideas in their thinking. This helps them to make sense of the world and their place in it.

3. Create- Teachers have a responsibility to mindfully create play environments that are reflective of the children's interests. As children create, they give meaning to their social and physical world through play.

4. Test Theories-- Teachers can help students represent their ideas, theories, and plans by posing questions to provoke children’s thinking and problem solving. If children have a safe and supportive learning environment, they will feel safe enough to take risks and explore new ideas.

5. Inquire- Play challenges children to inquire and comprehend at a deeper level. Through play, children can begin to construct meaning and make sense of the world around them.

6. Take Action- Children can take action by assuming leadership roles, organizing activities, initiating social interactions, taking control over their thoughts, actions, and emotions.

7. Collaborate- Play gives children to opportunity to collaborate with one another. They can collaborate as they decide what to play, assign roles, how to use materials.

8. Move- Play is essential to a child's physical development. Providing children with play opportunities gives them the chance to explore the capabilities of their bodies.

9. Make Decisions- Play gives children the opportunity to make decisions and take ownership of their learning. Children need to be flexible by adjusting to change, making decisions, and carrying them out.

10. Reflect- Play enables children to share ideas, experiences, and reflections. - As teachers observe and document children’s play narratives, they can gain insight into the constructs that they child is forming.

11. Appreciate- Through play, children can develop an appreciation for diversity. As children share their ideas and experiences, and express them through play, they can also learn about the ideas and experiences a of their peers.