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What exciting thing has your dog done?

Students will draw a picture of their dog's size.  Depending on their dog's size, the students will either draw the dog's parents and/or siblings.




All boring

Small, Medium and Large By: Jane Monroe Donovan  

End of War

Students will design their dogs main characteristics (color, gender

Soldiers Save Money

Chip in and Drawning their names

Uncle Bill Won

He take BJ to our family

I take care of him

First Edition

Students will decide on the human connection their dog will play in their life.  Then, the student will paint a picture of themselves with their dog without stating their dog's status.


I wrote every word

BJ & I were Famous

All customers Agree with next edition

Wrote the second number

I repeated the formula talking about the BJ's

I wrote BJ's Gingerbread House

1. Dogs By: Gail Gibbons 2. Service dogs By: Linda Tagliaferro 3. Police Dogs  By: Charles George

Uncle Bill/Army

Students will create a picture of a habitat for their dog.  Materials: -Crayons -Colored Pencils -Pencils -Markers -Various colors of construction paper

Mother and her puppies

Except Brow One

They Care Him

1. Shelter dogs : amazing stories of adopted strays By: Peg Kehret 2.  Jamaica's find  By: Juanita Havill            3. Marley, farm dog By: Susan Hill Long.