06/08 - Developing a Research Question

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06/08 - Developing a Research Question by Mind Map: 06/08 - Developing a Research Question

1. Research as a Search for Knowledge

1.1. Theory Building

1.2. Theory Testing

2. 4 Main Areas

2.1. Developing student relationships

2.1.1. Teacher- student

2.1.2. Student-student Group formation

2.2. Assessment and reporting

2.2.1. Useful feedback to students

2.3. Identifying and enhancing students learning

2.3.1. Focus on teacher practice

2.3.2. Positive Feedback

2.3.3. Use of ICT in learning

2.4. Responding to curriculum initiatives

3. Move from and area of interest to a question

3.1. What impact...

3.2. How effective

3.3. What factors

3.4. Which approaches

3.5. Which students

3.6. How can I improve

4. Developing a Question

4.1. 2. What is the real nature and extent of the problem/issue being investigated?

4.2. 3. What are the real issues behind complex problems like this?

4.2.1. What alternative responses might be available to me?

4.3. Research Questions need to be clear about:

4.3.1. The issue or problem

4.3.2. The intervention/approach

4.3.3. The subject and context of the research

4.4. Practice Question

4.4.1. The effect of mind mapping software on student note taking to improve assessment results

5. Homework

5.1. Find 3 peer reviewed articles that relate to your topic

5.1.1. Research questions

5.1.2. The authors perspective

5.1.3. How data was collected

5.1.4. Results/key findings