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Revit Standards & Best Practices by Mind Map: Revit Standards & Best Practices
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Revit Standards & Best Practices

Getting Started

This section is for new users.  Will help with basic modeling and editing tasks. Is it just the Revit Getting Started manual? (32 pages)

Ground floor

Check user name Copy central file to local Selective open

Creating a new project

Establishing grids and levels Importing DWG"s Using shared coordinates Putting views on sheets (SOM procedure) Establishing Project vs. True North

Dividing/Managing Project Size (Links)

General Guidelines Based on size (SF vs Height) Type of project (core/shell, interiors, tower, campus) Copy/Monitor Levels & Grids What NOT to do: Vertical elements thru tower

Project Standards

File naming/location

Internal productivity

Workset organization

Browser organization


Area Settings

Line Styles

View Templates

Shared Parameters File

Component Standards

File naming

See HOK spreadsheet

Type naming

Material naming and assignment


Titlecase Familiarity Use simple language, not codified for parameter names.


Must be standardized!!! (See layer standards)

Uniformat Codes



Standard Location



Sharing RVT models

Detaching Purging Checking out for presentations (detaching)



Best practices

Wall finishes

Do finishes get applied to substrate walls? If separate walls... Easier to schedule Harder to join, constrain, etc. What about finishes at varying distances from substrates?

Project Closeout

Milestone Review

Content Extraction

Template Development