Corporal punishment in schools

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Corporal punishment in schools by Mind Map: Corporal punishment in schools

1. Mental Health

1.1. Websites

1.1.1. Child & Adolescent Mental Health - YoungMinds

1.1.2. Children and young people | Mind, the mental health charity - help for mental health problems

1.1.3. Mental Health I How Barnardo's works with children with mental health problems

1.2. Books

1.2.1. A Last Resort? :Corporal Punishment in Schools - P, Newell

1.2.2. Corporal Punishments in rural Schools - S, Han

2. Other disciplines

2.1. Websites

2.1.1. School discipline and exclusions - GOV.UK

2.1.2. What is Positive School Discipline? |

2.2. Journals

2.2.1. Discipline in Schools

3. Abuse

3.1. Journals

3.1.1. Emotional Abuse of Secondary School Students by Teachers in Edo State, Nigeria Aluede, Ojugo, Okoza

3.2. Websites

3.2.1. Schools’ role in protecting children from abuse | nidirect

3.2.2. Physical Abuse | National Child Traumatic Stress Network - Child Trauma Home

3.3. Books

3.3.1. Impairing Education: Corporal Punishment of Students with Disabilities in US ... By Alice Farmer, Human Rights Watch

4. Other countries

4.1. websites

4.1.1. When did we spare the rod?

4.1.2. USA country report - Global Initiative to End All Corporal Punishment of Children

4.2. Journals

4.2.1. School corporal punishment in global perspective: prevalence, outcomes, and efforts at intervention Elizabeth T. Gershoff

5. Legislations and Law

5.1. websites

5.1.1. Discipline within school

5.1.2. A child's legal rights

5.2. Books

5.2.1. Children's Rights and the Developing Law By Jane Fortin

5.2.2. Hershman and Mcfarlane: Children Act Handbook 2017/18 By Andrew McFarlane