Step 6: Gathering Public Support

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Step 6: Gathering Public Support by Mind Map: Step 6: Gathering Public Support

1. Social Media Acount

1.1. Definition: Set up an Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc., account centred around your issue.

1.2. Pros: Will allow you to reach an incredibly wide audience, allow you to connect with others who feel strongly about you issue as well.

1.3. Cons: Not everyone is on social media, people could spread hate on your account.

2. Vote

2.1. Definition: When an election comes around, vote for someone who has similar view to you and is willing to do something about your issue.

2.2. Pros: Politician would be able to help you do something about the issue, you could then talk to politician about things you could do to make a difference.

2.3. Cons: Politician might not win election, politician might end up not taking action on the issue.

3. Pin

3.1. Definition: Wear a pin on your shirt related to your cause to spread awareness.

3.2. Pros: Will spread awareness to people you see, you can get others to wear them as well.

3.3. Cons: Won't reach a vast amount of people, some people don't pay attention to pins.

4. Letter to Politician

4.1. Definition: Write an email or physical letter to a politician that works in a similar area related to your issue. Explain why the issue is important and outline things that could be done to help.

4.2. Pros: Will be directed at someone who has the power to do something about it on a political level, allows you to present a politician with a plan that they could put into action.

4.3. Cons: Might not reach the politician (could be looked at by someone else and deemed not important enough to take into consideration), some people don't have good communication skills.