The impact of exploration.

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The impact of exploration. by Mind Map: The impact of exploration.

1. How does a market economy grow?

1.1. now that people had more money they had a chance to buy more stuff and sell more things.

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1.2. when there isnt alot of the supplies and there is no more people that sell the person only one and then they sell it for more money.

1.3. the market economy happens when the price of the product changes to according to how many people want the product.

2. What is mercantilism?

2.1. Countries thought the best way to build power was to save money.

2.2. they sold and decreased imports what they bought.

2.3. They also established colonies in other places to get even more money

3. How did exploration help capitalism

3.1. Capitalism is based on investment for money profit. More money was given because of the trade because the more the trade the more the money

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4. what is the cottage infustry.

4.1. people to turn raw materials into products. Many people were hired to work in cottages, or homes.

4.2. Lots and lots of products were created this way. This was called the cottage industry.