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Tourism by Mind Map: Tourism

1. Profit

1.1. jobs for locals

1.2. more jobs provide people with a source of income

1.3. contribution to government revenuesa

1.4. generates foreign exchange

1.5. more money can be put in infrastructure, for example new road can be built

1.6. that can stimulate local commerce and industry

2. People

2.1. empolyment

2.2. workers delevop new skills as language and service

2.3. people have the opportunity to experience new cultures

2.4. preservation and restoration of cultural heritage

2.5. revival of traditional arts and crafts

2.6. the new incomes can improve the medical care

2.7. funds community projects like water tanks

2.8. new incomes for the people

3. Planet

3.1. eco tourisum

3.2. motivate the use of bikes

3.3. forest conservation

3.4. carbon sequestration

3.5. built environment awareness and respect

3.6. renewable energy

3.6.1. less pollution

3.6.2. save money in the long run

3.6.3. the demands for coal will decline

3.6.4. sustainable

3.6.5. reduce the use of fossil fuels

3.7. provide money for protecting the natural heritage

4. bigger biodiversity

4.1. some species may return,which in turn may attract tourists