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IWB - sustainable implementation by Mind Map: IWB - sustainable implementation
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IWB - sustainable implementation


can be organised

Teachnology event helps

share best practices that are linked to curriculum goals

New node


enough IWB's

in each class room

Use mobile devices

Socrative allows response activities

Support needs to be close by

access from home (student license)

Teacher Skills

basic skills

Link to curriculum

School policy

Vision and Focus (management)

Invest in fore runners

Include use of IWB/ICT in professional assessment

support transfer

Digital learning materials (content)

store and share

Curriculum areas on server

teacher / librarian --> creates content collections

create new lessons in notes


Think about the added value of IWB's

peer learning

team teaching

IWB -> focus on Interactivity

Enable change

Invest in people

time to learn, time to share

time to develop

safe learning environment

sync free time in time table