With this mind map, the goal is to develop proficiency with all that MeisterMaps has to offer so as to eventually use with MeisterTask.

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1. Controls

1.1. Tab = create subtopic

1.2. Enter =

1.2.1. (while typing in new subtopic) confirm input

1.2.2. (when a node is selected) create new sister node

1.3. Arrows = navigate selection of nodes

1.4. Alt + C = create connection from a starting node

1.5. Esc = Undo typing or node creation before hitting enter

1.6. Command + z = Undo

1.7. Delete =

1.7.1. (while typing in new subtopic) delete the text as normal

1.7.2. (when a node is selected) delete the entire node

2. Icon Key

3. Collaboration

3.1. Collaborators must have an account

3.2. From the side pane comment section, nodes can be up or down voted

4. Presentation

4.1. You must first open the presentation pane

4.2. Command + click = designate slides

5. Share and Embed

5.1. On the LMS, you must select "Add Page" and switch to HTML to paste the embed code.