Ty Ui Full version

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Ty Ui Full version by Mind Map: Ty Ui Full version

1. Analytics

1.1. Hotel

1.1.1. Tiles Overall Performance Reviews Languages Popularity Responses Highlights Goals Tasks Sentiment Social Comparison Front Desk Housekeeping F&B TripAdvisor TrustYou Action Alerts Spa

1.1.2. Timeline

1.1.3. Report

1.1.4. Change Hotel

1.1.5. Tile Actions Add Remove Expand Collapse

1.2. Inbox

1.3. Competitors

1.4. Social

1.5. Portfolio

1.5.1. View Table Filters Report Update Pagination Visual Configure Update

1.5.2. Tiles Actions Toggle all Add Remove Report Move Add columns Overall Score Visual Table Performance Negative impact Positive impact Table Filter Responses Table Filter Popularity Visual Table Filter Update Reviews Update Table Filter Hotel sentiment Group sentiment Housekeeping Front Office F&B Social Performance trend Best performers Trip advisor Login tracking Tasks Add task Edit task Log Table Goals Action alerts Spa Custom tile Values Sources Advanced settings Update

1.5.3. Export to Excel

2. Stars

2.1. Templates

2.2. Survey

3. Messaging

3.1. Compose

3.2. Search

3.3. Inbox

3.4. Customers

3.5. Outreach

3.6. Statistics

3.7. Integrations

3.8. Settings

4. Marketing

4.1. Widgets

4.1.1. IFrame

4.1.2. Social Gallery

4.1.3. Facebook

5. Topbar

5.1. Reports

5.2. Notifications

5.3. Help

5.4. Settings

5.4.1. User settings Name readonly Change password Language Score scale Save changes

5.4.2. Email alerts Enable Send full reviews Select hotels Select Sections Keywords Set email addresses Save changes

5.4.3. Response templates Defaults Positive Negative Neutral Clone template Create Name Response Suggest sentiment Share option Language Save Close Signature Save changes

5.4.4. Twitter alerts Choose hotels All Positive Neutral Negative Keywords Save changes

5.5. Logout