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Offf donderdag by Mind Map: Offf donderdag
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Offf donderdag


Mexico city

No more utopia

Where are the dreams

Partner titles

Construct, Designers re-interpret life, Building dreams

Dreams, All graphic design is storytelling, Explore the dreamworld, Animation = tour guide for the audience, Start from extreme close-up, Typography, Use space as typo, Geometry & form, New font, from sketch, From 2d to 3d to 2d, Based on stairs, Movement, from a ripple, In light on the 'magic hour', Why replicate what you can photograph?, Cteate a dream, We are kids, Not constrained by boundaries



Graphic design, Architecture, Light


Han Hoogerbrugge




Clown basics

Animations for MTV, Animal behaviour projected on human beings, Animal Planet

Web animation since 1998, Neurotica series / modern living made in 1998, Animated gif, Later: Flash, Animated b/w line drawings

Nails series, No backgrounds, Always full figure, Ended in 2007

Game called 'Flex', Character & background design, Unity3D

Exhibition in Valencia, Interactive animation, Traced footage from the web, Life-sized characters, Why not real 'dolls', Performance (Karl Lagerfeld), News-based, Regular postings

Venice biennale, Freedom of speech, Animation, Quotes, Freedom is chaos with better lighting, A free lunch is only found in mousetraps

Meltin'pot, NFC tag based animations

Dokter Hoe

Videoclips, Youngpunx, Pet Shop Boys


Interactivity is small but important element

Importance of sound, Video Daan

Design is Dead

Craftsmen with keyboards

32 ppl

Website for offf

Concepting, Based on, Goals & expectations, What is important in the project, Goals, What we want to reach, Expectations, From ppl, team & client, Document with the rules of creativity, Research, Tool for team to get at the same level, Different topics per team member, Quest for insights, Outside the obvious, Insights, Definitions you discover in research, Discovered through user survey, Trends, uncertainties, facts, rules,..., Looking for opportunities, Focus questions, How might we..., Developed from insights, Used for brainstorming, Must be easy to understand, Must spark the brain, Brainstorming, Start with big white paper with focus question, Post-it notes, Think big!, No breaking down of ideas, Quantity before quality, Build on others' ideas, Draw it, instead of write it, Small bursts, Synthesis, Looking for the best ideas, Done by one person, Categorise ideas in 'big' ideas or site-pages, Iterative cycle in between brainstorm sessions, Progressive ideas: too soon, maybe later, Scary 404 pages, Oooooh button, Accept chaos, Prototyping, Based on ideas, Prototype per idea, Very manual process, Drawings, Answers a question, Don't get attached to a particular prototype, Quantity before quality, What about the design?, Inspired by Barcelona, Gaudi, Minimal Art, Colours that represent barcelona, Font: league gothic + georgia & arial for body

Offf book, 2 pages per artist, Pages like mirrors, Layer tennis

Blake Whitman

Talk about what I see

Renaissance in creative expression

Viral creativity in the Vimeo universe

Video is a movement


Creativity as a viral phenomenon

The age of access, Cheap cameras, Cheap computers, Platforms

Evolution of content, Crowd-accelerated innovation, Timelapse & stop-motion are most popular on Vimeo, HD dslr video, Nikon D90 & Canon 5D, Vimeo exploded in 2010, Last Minutes with Odin, Audience & creators merge

Tom Lowe, Rapture, Time-lapse film, Baraka by Ron Fricke,

Expanding audience

Learn anything you want online, Nick Campbell, Vimeo video school

Vimeo = community

From obsessive user to staff member

Alex Trochut


Digital craftsman


Milton Glaser, It's about taking things and re-applying them.

We start imitating when we are born

Influences are magnets, Path through magnets define your line of work, My grandfather, Son of a printer, Bauhaus period, Modular, geometrical pieces, Simple shapes as fonts, Built a type system, Super Typo Veloz, Childhood & pop culture, Rick Griffin, The Surfer bi-monthly, 60s, Psychedelic posters, Cartoon iconography, Jim Philips, Charles Burns, Darkness & elegance, Robert Crumb, Nasty comic, Art Spiegelman, Maus, Raw Magazine, Topps company, Wacky packages, Garbage Pail Kids, Milton Glaser, Designer & Illustrator, Herb Lubalin, Avant Garde font, Geometry & abstraction, Op art, Shigeo Fukuda, Escher, Istvan Orosz, Victor Vasarely Renault logo, Meditteranean, Miro, Dali, Subconscious, Ornament, Mucha, Anonymous art


Font: Neo Deco

Beautiful Decay, The hyper spectrum

Fila Japan campaign

Etapes graphiques, Old is Cool

Creative review: top 20 logos of all time, Woolmark-logo as inspiration, Cover

Estrella Damm

Poster for The Decemberists

Xfuns type & soul

Vampire Weekend poster

Arcade Fire poster

More is More (book), Basic structure, Victorian cover

Joshua Davis

One year of teaching workshops

Work = unknown journey

If it comes too easy, I'm not pushing myself enough

Learn to embrace failure

TED 2005

Flight home, Brian Greene, physicist, String theory, 'The elegant universe'

Tropism, 2007

Rules of probability


Minimal planning


Based on software

Randomness, letting go of control

Curate output

Flickr account

Geometry, 2010

Self-assigned design problems, Input for generative software, More complex forms, Use as asset in Illustrator


Mixing geometric patterns

Use perfect shapes as guide for hand-drawn shapes

Use Flash as drawing tool

2.5D software

Switch assets between layers

Grayscale first, then colour

Rip photos to gif to create colour pallettes

Computer aided graphic design

Commodore 64

Modern computer, Can replicate the human hand, Artist's tool


What is Watson?, IBM's computer to play Jeopardy, Search, with understanding of human language, 'Face' for Watson that shows emotion via procedural anim., 27 different emotions

Lisbon, Public part of the process

Masdar, Abu-Dhabi

The Yelling room, With Influxis, Offf 2011, Audio-reactive

Daily reminders for walking the unknown

Remain teachable, complacency is your foe

Opinions are the cheapest commodity on earth

Egotism and vanity are fatal to success

Faith is the only known antidote to failure