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Offf vrijdag by Mind Map: Offf vrijdag
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Offf vrijdag

Off Russia

Ivgeny Kiselev

Abstract illustration

Alexey Platonov


Arduino logo

Very small spaces

Differentiate from 'copycats'

The Strobes


'Something cool' during The Prodigy

Use of light, but not typical computer contolled light

Based on spectrum analysis

Open air

Expo 2015

Corporate identy for expo in Milan

Generative system, Generate 3d shape, Animated projection

Banca d'Italia

Interactive content for exhibition

About monetary unification in Italy

Touchscreen interface

Most complex so far, Scientific & historical content, Extra hires

Italia 150°

Statistical information

Graphical representation

17 totems

64x200px grid, Black, white & yellow leds


Do something creative with spam

Deepest desires in extreme form = spam

Physical wallpaper, Tree structure

Can be bought online

Software-generated, Not yet personalized

Better Nouveau

Move from bits to matter

Online shop

Tweetghetto, Poster with tweets, Frozen history, Hashtags, users, anything

Moonshine Vase

Rick Banks


Print design


Why is design important?


Signage & wayfinding systems

Paul Rand: 'we are not as important as we think we are', Improve the look and general quality of a product

No-nonsense approach

Clear, legible type

Work experience

Worked at C-design

This is Real Art, Motion gtaphics, Advertising, Branding, Typography


Modernism, J muller brockmann, Armin Hoffman

Milton Glaser, NY logo designed in the back of a taxi

Paula Schaer: 'a second of work in 34 years'

Logo design & branding, English national opera, British National Rail logo, 1964, Deutsche Bank, 1974, FedEx, Mother & Child


Herb Lublin, Core of typography

Wim Crouwel, Precision, Systems & order, 'A grid is like a football pitch'

Hoefler & Frere Jones

Professional work

The copy book (Taschen), Design based on eyetracking, About adverising copy

Musician's union, Attract new members without alienating old members, Typographical magazine covers

Rapier agency logo, New building, 60s modern, Inspired by Wim Crouwel

United Reformed Church, No obvious cross in the logo, Font: renner reformed, Campaign 'zero intolerance'

Personal work

Find a platform for expression

Typetrumps, Inspired by Toptrumps cards, Trump cards for typefaces, Card style per font, Introduces type to a wide audience

2K by Gingham, T-shirt

Surgeon's business card, In stainless steel

Clips & footage logo

Sonrisa Recordings

F37 type foundry, Form typeface, F37 Bella, Inspirde by Saskia by Jan Tschichold

Twitter: _face37

Information is beautiful

Data & statistics


Different relationship to really big numbers

Daily Bread: spending per day

Animation, Debtris

Timeline of the world's greatest fears

Based on mentions in the media

Violent video games: peaks in november & april, April1998: columbine shooting

Google Insights

All other fears disappeared on 9/11 2001

Facebook break-up peaks in april and november

Data is the new (s)oil

Rich new material

Do horoscopes all just say the same thing?

Python script for scraping

About David McCandless

Visual CV

No design training


Combine colours, patterns & numbers to make meaning obvious

Relationshop Litigiousness & revenue?

A new kind of 'camera'

Racist profiling

Patterns you can't see on a spreadsheet

Goofle Zeitgeist

Tell story with data

Difference between 3500bn and 100m

World's first carbon-neutral volcano

Seeing the invisible

'I can see what you mean'

Food supplements

2 months to fill 2 pages

Infographic: mp3 of knowledge (compression)

Live infographic - web based

Do they work


Start with sketch

Understand in order to design

Search Google for numbers

Left v right brain

Google Spreadsheets

Stripping out extraneous information

Lots of time



Visualisation without concept

Too much information

Forget to play

Infographic about infographics

Twitter: infobeautiful

Jon Burgerman

What does living well really mean?

Work/life balance

Everything I do starts with a drawing


Paralysis of choice


Tex Avery & Nintendo

Lives in NY

Free Lunch show

Bring me food and get a present, Too much food, There is such a thing as a free lunch


Draw for toffee (twitter)

Colouring projects

Lossy data lab

Scope Art Fair NY

Band: anxieteam

Chase peple with a Twizzler

Facebook group for faces

'Jon, you're a brand!'


Change of location


Everything informs

Not knowing what you're doing




Life is pointless

Don't care about capital, it is opposed to sustainability

House Industries (Andy Cruz)

Building the house

Started as graphic design industry

Many hand-drawn logos

Punk rock lettering

Hot rods / custom cars

Tiki mugs, Ceramics, Glazes

Hobbies = work

Ed 'big daddy' roth, Fiberglass bodies, Signpainter (pinstriping), Lettering

BMW mini launch

T-shirt in a can

House 33, London, Retail space, Change logo yearly

Handcraft approach

Don Letts, The Clash, Big Audio dynamite

US-UK, Script type, Jack The Fox

Medicom Toys

Agent Provocateur, Lingerie company, Custom script type, Butt Book

Photo Lettering, Bible of American typography, Manhattan storage full of type on film, Digitised the fonts, Pop culture letterform, Children's blocks, John Mayer,, Pay by the word

Richard Neutra, Kaufmann house (california), Neutraface font, Boomerang chair

Alexander Girard, Herman Miller, Girard fonts, Moma, Blocks, John & Marylin Neuhart, Textiles, Vitra, Archive of Girard work, Beyond business to business, Nativity

Charles & Ray Eames, Furniture, Graphic design, Films, Strong graphic element, Eames Century Modern font

Font foundry

Vincent Morisset

Arcade fire

Started when music blogs were rising, mtv was falling

Old couple

First website, Exploratory, A cool shell with unimportant content, Constrictive format

Neon Bible, Emphasize content, Artwork extension to the album, Transmedia, Infomercial with hotline, Voice messages from callers on site, The price is right tv show, Website as a hub, Miroir Noir (movie), Neon Bible Music video, Interactive, Constant reactiveness, Black Mirror video, Toggle tracks via keyboard

"The Suburbs", First idea: Time lapse from Montreal to Texas, Pictures of suburbs in Texas, Retroprojection (hitchcock), Shadow figures, 8 different covers, How to make digital artwork relevant, M4a audio format, Podcast format with chapters, Standard, keeps user in familiar context, Possibility of hyperlinks, Synchronised artwork, Website, Rebus based on lyrics + film, Online scratchable mp3

Colorblind clyde

Kino Automat, 1967, First interactive film, Democratic, Red/blue 3D



A film for computer

Emotion & narrativity, Film, game, interactive book?

Basic concept of communication

Limited assets

Kind of a story, but not really

Stop motion


An apple on the ground, Explore the unknown

Craft & fragility

Sigur Ros film

Marian Bantjes


Book typesetter

Design business

Canada, the prairies


Bowen Island

Draw, paint, digital

Commercial work for art directors

No direct client contact unless carte blanche

G2 puzzle special

Tiling units, Combine to form letters


Engage viewer interest

Figuring things out

Planned approach

Exploration of materials

Subversion of the organic

Visual alignment & balance


'Want It' campaign, Fashion



Laser cutouts

Sailboat for wallpaper magazine

Why are modernist designers attracted?

Dance, movement


Illuminated manuscripts, Complex, yet structured, Ornamentality, Wonder, Curiosity, Intrigue, Religious, Christianity has left this in the past, Now: Photo & tagline, Gothic cathedral, Spark of unknowing, Time-intensive, Human time

The church of the non-believers

Book, Thames & Hudson

Images and words are co-dependant

Speak Up weblog, Editing and/or rewrite

Jewellery display at Griffins observatory

Absara typeface

Low tech signage, Movable type

Ye olde graphic designer, Heraldry, Text rewritten to fit trapezoid frames

20 different typefaces

Family photo album, Past through the lens of the future, Mother's To-do lists, Contained a lot of personality, Narrative

Wonder, Research-based, Hardest part, Tried to force too many facts

Honour, Ornamented artefacts, Griffith Park certificate, Crystal goblet, The wine is the content, the glass is invisible, Vs. Japanese tea bowl, The bowl itself is interesting, Ornaments in pasta, Ref. Kindergarten, 'in the honour of parents'

Secrets, Purposefully hard to read, Half is encoded with a cypher

Portraits from cemetaries, No text, Memory, Honour, Secrets, Wonder