My Artist Influence Map

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My Artist Influence Map by Mind Map: My Artist Influence Map

1. Chuck Jones

2. Aaron Horkey

2.1. Daniel Danger

2.1.1. Ken Taylor

2.2. Vania Zouravliov

2.2.1. Stephen Gammell

3. Bill Watterson

3.1. Walt Kelly

4. Jim Borgman

4.1. Jeff MacNelly

4.1.1. Charles Shulz

5. Bernie Wrightson

5.1. Berry Windsor Smith

5.1.1. Virgil Finlay Joseph Clement Coll Franklin Booth

6. Mark Hazlerig

6.1. Frank Hoffelt

6.1.1. Frank Reilly Dean Cornwell Harvey Dunn Frank Schoonover Jessie Wilcox Smith NC Wyeth George Bridgman

7. Paul Calle

7.1. Anthony Ryder

7.1.1. Jacob Collins

8. Norman Rockwell

8.1. Mark Summers

8.2. CF Payne