Factors that Influence Changes in School (by Munira Iskandar 821294)

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Factors that Influence Changes in School (by Munira Iskandar 821294) by Mind Map: Factors that Influence Changes in School (by Munira Iskandar 821294)

1. School System

1.1. Placement of teacher

1.1.1. Not enough teacher Teachers need to teach more subjects

1.2. Streaming system

1.2.1. Group student in classes according their academic performance Teaching process will be easier Lead to low self esteem among weak students Teachers tend to give more attention to high proficiency classes Students who are not satisfied will rebel

1.2.2. Mix different level of students in all classes Difficult for teachers to teach Teachers need to prepare different tasks according to different level of students

1.3. Lack of teaching materials

1.3.1. Students lack of interest to learn

1.3.2. Difficult to teach

1.4. New Curriculum and syllabus

1.4.1. Teachers need to familiarize themselves with new syllabus

1.5. Lack of basic facilities

1.5.1. Lack of Room Too many students in one classroom Teachers could not cater to all students need

1.6. Release of Examination Result

1.6.1. Publicly Weak students will feel low self esteem

1.6.2. Private Do not affect emotion of students too much

2. Teacher

2.1. Proficiency

2.1.1. Lack of proficiency in teaching Student might not understand the lesson Decrease academic performance

2.1.2. Good teaching method Students will be interested to learn Increase academic performance

2.2. Class condusiveness

2.2.1. conducive environment Encourage students to learn

2.2.2. table arrangement

2.3. Relationship between teacher and student

2.3.1. positive Motivate students to learn

2.3.2. negative Demotivate students from learning Discourage students to ask about academic Discourage students to share their problem

2.4. Encourage students to talk and give opinion

2.4.1. Produce students who could think critically and dare to voice their opinion

2.5. Cultivate good moral values in students

2.5.1. Produce students with positive behavior and well-disciplined

3. Student

3.1. Relationship among students

3.1.1. befriend with good/ clever student Positive development in academic, behaviour and attitude

3.1.2. befriend with lazy/ naughty student Negative impact in academic, behaviour and attitude

3.1.3. class culture positive Students feel comfortable being in class negative Students feel not comfortable being in class Skip classes

3.2. Socio-economic status background

3.2.1. low socio-economic status Students usually face problem in learning and misbehaviour

3.2.2. high socio-economic status Students rarely face problem in learning

3.2.3. broken family Misbehaviour

3.3. Students do part-time job

3.3.1. Might show no interest in studying

3.3.2. Skip classes

3.3.3. Quit from school

3.4. Pregnant student

3.4.1. Will be dismissed from school

3.4.2. Drop out from school

3.5. Intention of Coming to School

3.5.1. To learn and develop skills Academic performance increase

3.5.2. For socialization only Low academic performance

4. Parents

4.1. Ask children to work instead of going to school

4.1.1. Student drop out from school

4.2. Basic need

4.2.1. Enough food and money Student could learn effectively

4.2.2. Not enough food and money Student could not focus in class while in hunger Decrease academic performance

4.3. Parents blame/ sue teacher for punishing their child

4.3.1. Teachers do not want to take action against students who is misbehaviour School discipline will get worse Might produce more immoral students

4.4. Relationship between parents and children

4.4.1. Good relationship Increase students academic performance

4.4.2. Bad relationship Student will rebel and break school rules

4.5. Parenting style

4.5.1. Authoritative parents who involve in school activities and encourage children in learning Send children for tuition Increase academic performance Buy reference books Increase academic performance

4.5.2. Authoritarian parents Students will become low self-esteem, moody, aggressive, lack of social skills Involve in immoral activities Prevent the cognitive development of the students

4.5.3. Permissive parents who do not emphasize on rules and punishment Students have disciplinary problems Students do not conform to school rules

4.5.4. Neglect parents who do not care about their children's need and behaviour Students involve in immoral activities Students play truant