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The Outsiders by Mind Map: The Outsiders

1. Greasers

1.1. Gang

1.1.1. Keith "Two Bit" Matthews He is 18 He is known for stealing He is the oldest if Darry isn't counted He is a fun-loving guy

1.1.2. Ponyboy Curtis He is 14 Parents were killed in an auto wreck Like sunsets

1.1.3. Johnny Cade He is 16 Ponyboy's best friend He was jumped by Socs He is beaten up by his father

1.1.4. Sodapop Curtis He is 16 going-on 17 He dropped out of school He is very handsome He works in the Gasoline Station DX

1.1.5. Dallas Winston He is 18 He is from New York He liked being a hood He cared a lot about Johnny

1.1.6. Steve Randall He is 17 Sodapop's best friend Doesn't like Ponyboy very much

1.1.7. Darrel Curtis He is 20 He is in charge of Ponyboy and Soda Works in a construction site

1.2. Hoods

1.2.1. Tim Shepard He is the leader of the Shepard's gang He is Dally's mate He is 18

1.2.2. Curly Shepard He spent a lot of time in the reformatory He is 15

2. Socials

2.1. Robert "Bob" Sheldon

2.1.1. Cherry's boyfriend

2.1.2. He was the one that jumped Johnny

2.1.3. He was killed by Johnny

2.2. Sherri "Cherry" Valance

2.2.1. He was the greaser's spy

2.2.2. She likes Pony because she sees him as "not dirty"

2.3. Marcia

2.3.1. Cherry's friend

2.4. Randy Anderson

2.4.1. Bob's best friend

2.4.2. He feels bad about Bob's death, but he doesn't resent Johnny or Ponyboy

2.4.3. He helps Pony realize that Socs are just like Greasers