city KOCHI

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city KOCHI by Mind Map: city KOCHI

1. low dense city development. dispersal of activities. less urban concentration

2. congested roads/parking. more resource used by private vehicles

3. no infrastructure for pedestrians/cyclists.

4. reduced pedestrians and cyclists

5. cars/2 wheelers everywhere

6. viscious circle

7. ITDP The Institute for Transportation and Development Policy

8. principles for Better street and city

8.1. walk

8.1.1. Develop neighborhoods that promote walking

8.2. cycle

8.2.1. Prioritize non-motorized transport networks

8.3. connect

8.3.1. Create dense networks of streets and paths

8.4. transit

8.4.1. Locate development near high-quality public transport

8.5. mix

8.5.1. Plan for mixed use

8.6. densify

8.6.1. Optimize density and transit capacity

8.7. compact

8.7.1. Create regions with short commutes

8.8. shift

8.8.1. Increase mobility by regulating parking and road use

9. Utopian

9.1. more and motivated use of public transport

9.2. less accidents

9.3. well connected transport system. seamless integration

9.4. anticipating the connecting transport

9.5. better travel experience

9.6. nmt last mile

10. Future cone

10.1. preposterous

10.1.1. full autonomous lot more to be done before making it practically run. expensive

10.1.2. high speed trains missing infrastructure. requires high capital investment.

10.2. Possible

10.2.1. metros/subways/water metro/sharing transport. public-private (transport/infrastructure) partnership can be made. foreign direct investment can be welcomed. Toshiba (for railways). similarly for other modes of transport (land, water) fdi

10.2.2. campaign to change people thinking educate/awareness/attitude promotion ads.posters.pamplets. newspapers. corporate workshops. ngo / ad agency

10.2.3. 1. use of nmt like skate boards, skate cycle that can be carried with oneself 2. public sharing nmt Health benefit & economic

10.3. plausible

10.3.1. frequent. sophisticated buses. display of real time boards. mobile apps. color routes and buses. divide city into zones. single ticket system. connected intelligence

10.3.2. less use of private transport (2/4 wheeler). . odd-even vehicle rule. ban 4 wheeler vehicles on regular intervals to encourage people to take public transport. Road space rationing

10.3.3. e autos. e rickshaws

10.3.4. use of segway. skate board. personal transport smaller than bikes efficient and economic last mile

10.4. projected future

10.4.1. increase frequency of public ransport. DISCOUNT travel in public transport. mnc providing their employees with discount rate public transport. vytella mobility hub

10.4.2. space for pedestrians and cyclists. Bring equality for all mode of transport users parking space for cycles

10.4.3. city planning. policies for public and private transport.

10.5. probable

10.5.1. likely to happen.congestion

10.5.2. vicious circle

10.6. preferable

10.6.1. awareness/education about non motorized transport

10.6.2. use of public transport

11. dystopian

11.1. cramped roads. more travel and transit time. traffic.

11.2. spend more time and energy to reach destination

11.3. Bad travel experience. anxiety about the connecting transport

12. difficulty in providing good public transport. poor services. no sophistication