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Copyright for Teachers by Mind Map: Copyright for Teachers
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Copyright for Teachers

Created for CEP 416!

Material For Teachers

Copyright lessons for your students:

More information for kids:

Copyright vs. Creative Commons vs. Fair Use



What is Fair Use?

Fair Use is the restriction of use of others material or works. This protects creators against people taking advantage of their work.

Four Criteria

For more information, a discussion:

It is important for Teachers to understand Fair Use because a good teacher uses material from many different sources, and the teacher must be aware of the restrictions placed on the use of the material

What is Creative Commons?

A way for creators to have "some rights reserved" on their work, as opposed to "all rights reserved"

Their website:

A creator is able to choose what degree of coverage their copyright covers. This includes whether or not their work can be used for commercial use.

What is Copyright?

The documentation that after something is created, it is immediately owned by the creator. They have "all rights reserved".

Original works are automatically covered in the Copyright law, and so materials under the law may not be marked with the circled 'c'.

How to Stay Informed

Teachers should stay well-informed about Copyright laws, Fair Use, and newer movements such as Creative Commons.

Be aware of new laws and legislature about Copyright.