Henry VII Alevel

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Henry VII Alevel by Mind Map: Henry VII Alevel

1. Consolidation of power

1.1. Married Elizabeth of York

1.1.1. joined the houses together (Tudor Rose)

1.2. He had a weak claim to the throne

1.2.1. stronger claimants

1.2.2. Earl of Warick

1.3. needed help at battle of bosworth

1.4. had been living in france for 14 years

1.5. declared his reign started the day before Bosworth

1.6. crowned before the first parliament

2. Government

2.1. introduced new techniques

2.1.1. council learned

2.1.2. privy chamber

2.2. used parliamentary taxes only twice which caused 2 rebellions

2.2.1. Yorkshire rebellion

2.2.2. Cornish rebellion

2.3. had miserly ways

3. Marriages

3.1. 1486 Henry vii married Elizabeth of York

3.2. 1501 Arthur Married Catherine of Aragon

3.2.1. Failed when he died in 1502

3.3. 1503 Margaret Married James iv

3.4. 1509 Henry married Catherine of Aragon

3.4.1. Henry had died by this time

3.5. 1514 Mary married King Louis xiii

4. Rebellions

4.1. 1486 Lovell and Stafford Uprising

4.1.1. Dynastic

4.1.2. Gain money and restore the yorkists

4.1.3. serious Early on in Henry reign 8 months after he was crowned

4.1.4. wasn't serious Easily suppresed

4.2. May- June 1487Lambert simnel

4.2.1. Dynastic

4.2.2. Yorkist priest pretended simnel was ed iv

4.2.3. Crowned king of Ireland 1487

4.2.4. Henry proved he wasn't the real prince by showing the real prince in the tower

4.2.5. Serious it gained Irish support

4.2.6. Wasn't serious no real claim Henry had the real prince easily shut down

4.3. 1489 Yorkshire Rebellion`

4.3.1. Social/Economic

4.3.2. raise tax to fight France

4.3.3. Yorkshire didn't want to pay it didn't affect them geographically they had bad harvest

4.3.4. Henry sent 8000 men led by the earl of Surry

4.3.5. King gave rebels a Royal pardon

4.3.6. Serious Localised support Tax not fully raised to help Brittany Northumberland was murdered

4.3.7. Not serious easily suppresed no other support other than local

4.4. 1491 -1499 Perkin Warbeck

4.4.1. Dynastic

4.4.2. Warbeck's Locations 1491 - Ireland Richard Duke of York 1492 - France French Treaty of Etaples 1493 - Burgandy 2 years 1495 - *attempt* England deal in Kent - fiasco - Sir William Stanley was involved

4.4.3. Caused by power hungry Warbeck and Yorkists, James IV and Charles VIII are unhappy at H7

4.4.4. Warbeck - Irish cloth trader - impersonates Earl of Warwick - gains relative success

4.4.5. Warbeck was supported by James IV of Scotland, Charles VIII of France and Yorkist in Burgandy

4.4.6. William Stanley tries to get Warbeck into the country

4.4.7. Treaty of Etaples with France in 1492

4.4.8. Trade embargo with Flanders in 1495

4.4.9. James IV switched to Henry's side as he married Margaret Tudor

4.4.10. Serious lasted 8 years strong fake claim - legitimate + paternal gained support of foreign leaders

4.4.11. Not Serious failed 3 times lost support from Leeds no real claim

4.5. 1497 Cornish Rebellion

4.5.1. Social - Ecomonic

4.5.2. Caused by Parliaments vote for extra-ordinary taxes to fund the campaign against James IV and Perkin in Scotland

4.5.3. Trying to raise £60,000

4.5.4. Cornish people didn't want to pay as it didn't geographically affected them so they refused to pay + rebelled in January

4.5.5. Flammock and others led rebels eastwards towards London in May

4.5.6. Arrived at Blackheath in London and 15,000 men camped there overnight

4.5.7. Henry VII sent Lord Baubeney and his men to stop defending the Scottish border + easily stopped the rebels

4.5.8. Serious no one challenged them when they were marching so they made it all the way to London ( over 250 miles ) showed Henry VII that he needed to ease Scottish tensions mass loss of support/loyalty in a concentrated area

4.5.9. Not Serious little to no support - mainly Cornishmen leaders were killed only wanted to stop taxation - not to overthrow

4.6. 1499 - 1506 Suffolk Threat

4.6.1. Dynastic

4.6.2. Caused by Henry refusing to elevate Earl of Suffolk to dukedom

4.6.3. Earl of Suffolk went missing in July 1499 he reappeared

4.6.4. Henry VII feared that Suffolk would be supported by France with an army

4.6.5. He came back in 1501 then fled once more to the Holy Roman Empire

4.6.6. Maximilian exported Henry £398,000 overall by saying he'd give Henry Suffolk for money

4.6.7. It had Yorkist and Burgundy/Hamburg support

4.6.8. Henry persuaded Suffolk to come back - Henry imprisoned him - then put his son Henry VIII to killed him in 1513

4.6.9. He imprisoned 51 men who supported him

4.6.10. Suspended trade between Burgundy and Hamburg

4.6.11. 1502 Arthur dies + 1503 Elizabeth of York died - Henry VII was vulnerable

4.6.12. Serious took money from the crown Henry vulnerable after deaths lasted 7 years had long-term support

4.6.13. Not Serious no threat to throne as Earl was imprisoned


4.7.1. Henry's foreign policy removed foreign Treaty of Etaples with France Trade embargo with Burgundy Negotiations with Phillip of Burgundy in 1506

4.7.2. Weakness and poor leadership of rivals Lovell/Stafford proved ineffective in 1486

4.7.3. Key Support for Henry Action of the Earl of Oxford at Stoke Support from Northumberland

4.7.4. Henry's leniency removed sympathy for rebel's cause Leniency for Thomas Stafford Simnel in King's kitchen Reinstated the Duke of Northumberland before Battle of Stoke

4.7.5. Henry took decisive, ruthless action when necessary

5. Foreign Policy/Relations

5.1. Ireland

5.1.1. 1487 Kildare crowns Simnel King of Dublin

5.1.2. 1491 Warbeck receives supports from Ireland

5.1.3. 1495 Warbeck returns to Ireland But Yorkist Earl of Kildare decided to serve Henry loyally

5.2. Scotland

5.2.1. 3 year truce 1485

5.2.2. 1495 Warbeck accepted as Richard IV

5.2.3. 1496 James IV encouraged Warbeck to cross the English border

5.2.4. 1497 Treaty of Ayton First long-lasting truce since 1328

5.2.5. 1502 Treaty of Perpetual Peace James IV marries Maragaret Tudor

5.3. Spain

5.3.1. Treaty of Medina del Campo No harbouring threats Marriage negotiation

5.3.2. 1489-1501 Disagreements about size of marriage drowy Ferdinand was concerned about the Warbeck threat

5.3.3. 1502 Arthur End of marriage alliance with Spain Henry to marry Catherine?

5.3.4. 1504 Death of Isabella of Castile Alliance with Spain was no longer significant

5.3.5. 1506 Phillip of Burgundy died Ferdinand was able to take the throne of Castile Henry left isolated in Europe

5.3.6. 1508 League of Cambrai was formed with Spain

5.4. Burgundy

5.4.1. 1487 Margaret of Burgundy provided 2000 soldiers for simnels cause

5.4.2. 1492 Warbeck was in Burgundy

5.4.3. 1493 trade embargo as Margaret supported Warbeck

5.4.4. 1496 Magnus Intercursus- trade resumed after Warbeck left

5.4.5. 1506 treaty of Windsor maxi and Phillip handed over suffolk Phillip and Joanna were shipwrecked of the cost of England

5.4.6. 1506 Phillip of Burgundy dies

5.4.7. 1506 Malus Intercursus trade deal it was one sided in favour of England was never implemented

5.5. France/Brittany

5.5.1. 1 year truce with France

5.5.2. Commercial truce with Brittany

5.5.3. Treaty on Redon Defending Britanny

5.5.4. 1492 Warbeck in France

5.5.5. 1492 Treaty of Etaples Got pension of French No harboring of rebels/Warbeck

5.5.6. Earl of Suffolk flees to France

5.5.7. 1508 League of Cambrai formed with France

5.6. Holy Roman Empire

5.6.1. maxi left Henry stranded during treaty of Redon

5.6.2. 1493 Warbeck was received in Vienna by Maxi

5.6.3. 1506 Treaty of Windsor.

5.6.4. 1508 League of Cambrai