Walt Disney Company

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Walt Disney Company by Mind Map: Walt Disney Company

1. Studio Entertainment

1.1. is the production team for all types of media including movies, games, and marketing

1.2. uses commercials and radio to promote new movies or products

1.2.1. owns most of the movie companies to capitolize on profits to meet each demographic for all movie types

1.2.2. primary goal is to produce top products and media for consumers

1.2.3. produces games to cater to the online and console gaming demand. They create original games and some based off of current movies and shows

2. Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media

2.1. Disney corners the market with the largest distribution of toys and merchandise for the consumers

2.2. this is where they use product placement in television shows and movies to get more sales

2.2.1. merchandise including jewelry and clothing caters to adults and children providing a large range of options to maximize sales

2.3. Designs food for subliminal marketing targeted at the younger generations to make them see familiar faces on food causing sales to rise and product awareness

2.3.1. cruise ships use live entertainment to engage each guest in an intimate relationship making each guest want to buy and come back next time for the same personal experiences.

3. Global

3.1. takes the sales worldwide by engaging in each culture through movies and characters that take place in each country causing people to feel a connection with the products and characters

3.1.1. takes the Disney theme parks on a larger scale and customizes each park and resort to the location around the world making each one unique causing people to want to travel to each one to feel the special touches of each park

3.2. The cruise lines travel worldwide taking you on an experience that lasts a lifetime. This allows the products and entertainment to be produced special for each cruise and adventure

3.2.1. Breaks down cultural differences by always using new cultures in each movie allowing children and adults to enjoy the products and movies with a sense of cultural appreciation

3.3. creates personal merchandise that fits each country theme park to cater to the culture

4. Parks and Resorts

4.1. Creates a better profit margin by capitalizing on each element from shows and movies by incorporating them into the parks

4.1.1. Resorts allow guests to pick their budget level. By having a large range of options for lodging this creates a bigger market for all classes of people and family sizes.

4.2. Targets all age groups with marketing strategies for the "Happiest place on Earth", By doing this it makes it the travel destination for all age groups and social classes

4.2.1. Increases sales with merchandise by using product placement from their own movies and shows. Ex. clothing, toys, jewelry, games

4.3. By using "extra magic hours" for hotel guests it makes them feel special by creating an element of exclusivity by letting them stay at the parks longer than the non Disney resort guests. This makes people want to spend the extra money for Disney's Resorts. Disney offers many hotel guest perks. Ex. provided transportation to parks and shopping, extra time at the parks, and fast pass capabilities to skip the lines.

5. Media Networks

5.1. Creates a vast variety of networks in television and gaming for all people to enjoy. This now includes the media apps allowing streaming and gaming anywhere you go for all Disney related companies.

5.2. By having so many outlets for marketing and content they target not only the visual side of the industry but the audio side as well with multiple radio stations and streaming apps including radio Disney.

5.2.1. The network ESPN creates a large market for sports bringing in a good size profit margin leading in the Sport broadcasting category for Disney

5.2.2. Disney created a chain of retail stores all across the world allowing those who can't make it into the parks to purchase merchandise. This creates synergy by promoting their own products.

5.3. Disney partners with complexes to provide live entertainment for all ages. For an example they do Disney on Ice and Live Broadway shows for their popular movies and television shows.