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Psychology by Mind Map: Psychology

1. Eucational psychology

2. Psychology of defense

3. Psychology applied to services

4. Organizational psychology

5. Special pedagogy

6. Psychology in the field of national security

7. Legal psychology

8. It is a mixed category of specialists who provide advice to performance athletes and regular workers, any employee who can benefit.

9. It caters to people with special educational needs, such as people with visual impairment, hearing even in case of locomotion.

10. It deals in particular with the psychological evaluation of military personnel or other national security structures and the possession of the gun permit.

11. It is a part of the psychological expertise in the criminal investigation activity.

12. The skills needed to become a good psychologist are first self-knowledge, self-knowledge, because once you become self-sufficient, you can help others.

13. Clinical psychology

14. Psihologia muncii

15. Psychoterapy

16. Clinic psychology

17. Psychological counseling

18. Applied psychology in transport

19. School counseling and vocational

20. Is focused on the psychological examination of different categories of drivers to determine whether they are fit to carry out those activities. For example: obtaining a driving license, permitting a refund, etc.

21. It aims at increasing the productivity of a company through measures that contribute to the welfare, safety and performance of employees at work.

22. This specialty has a well-defined target group, represented by the school population.

23. It is a professional specialty related to counseling. Psychotherapy focuses on long-term work, so it can address both simple and difficult issues.

24. It is the most popular specialty in psychology. It evaluates people with mental, emotional and behavioral disorders.

25. Psychological counseling has as target audiences ordinary people who need counseling to overcome difficult moments or certain emotional or behavioral issues they face.