Columbia Records

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Columbia Records by Mind Map: Columbia Records

1. Responsibilities

1.1. Structure

1.2. Internal affairs

1.3. Strategy

1.4. Overview of Business Model

1.5. Oversight of Company

2. Human Resources

2.1. Responsibilities

2.1.1. Recruiting

2.1.2. Employee benefits

2.1.3. Retirement plans

2.1.4. Paychecks

2.1.5. Counseling

2.2. The Human Resources Department is designed to handle all of the companies business when it comes to employees. Not the musicians but the actual employees.

3. Marketing

3.1. Responsibilities

3.1.1. Sales

3.1.2. Advertisement

3.1.3. Endorsements

3.1.4. Social Media

3.1.5. Public Relations

3.2. The Marketing Department is designed to help the world gain knowledge of the Record label and all of the artists signed with the label.

4. Legal

4.1. Responsibilities

4.1.1. Artist Contracts

4.1.2. Lawful Integrity

4.1.3. Copyright Law

4.1.4. Outlet Contracts

4.1.5. Business Law

4.2. The Legal Department is designed to maintain operations from a legal stand point and also to secure law abiding contracts with artists and other outlet companies such as Spotify or Youtube.

5. Artist Development

5.1. Reponsibilities

5.1.1. Artist Relations

5.1.2. Artist coaching

5.1.3. Education

5.1.4. Musicianship

5.1.5. Songwriting

5.2. The Artist Development Department is designed to help artists grow. This department is usually where artists report too.

6. Business Development

6.1. The Business Development Department is designed to ensure that Columbia Records is meeting business and industry standards.