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Cyraatek by Mind Map: Cyraatek

1. ISO 27001 Consultant Manchester - Cyraatek Are you looking for enthusiastic, passionate and professional Cyber Security Consultant certifying against ISO 27001 international standard in Manchester, UK Cyraatek is the right company for cyber security consulting services. For more details visit

2. Cyber Security Awareness Training By Cyraatek Cyraatek offers Cyber Security awareness training program to provide employers and employees with an in-depth understanding of the threats to information security to protect your data and organization and its critical information assets. Visit for more details.

3. Security Compliance Manchester - Cyraatek When information is properly managed, and all your associated risk weighed, this allows you to operate your business with maximum confidence. Cyraatek believes in the fast evolving needs of your enterprise and offer security compliance services in Manchester. Call us at 0330 043 0032 for more details.

4. GDPR Compliance Manchester - Cyraatek GDPR is the biggest legal change of the digital age. We guide and make it easier for business to understand and implement changes required to comply with general data protection regulation. Contact us at 0330 043 0032 for GDPR compliance in Manchester.

5. Social Engineering Penetration Testing - Cyraatek Social Engineering Penetration Test is designed to imitate the attacks that malicious social engineers and to measure the effectiveness of the Information. Many social security solutions available through online specialist vendors can serve as a powerful shield, which can be used to protect businesses from Social Engineering attacks. Visit for social engineering penetration testing.

6. IoT security solutions - Cyraatek We detect and protect organisations from cyber threats. Protect your business's leading edge technology with IoT security solutions services provided by the professional experts at Cyraatek. For more details call now at 0330 043 0032.

7. Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing - Cyraatek The vulnerability assessment process involves recognizing, measuring and prioritizing vulnerabilities in an IT infrastructure. Cyraatek offer vulnerability assessment and penetration testing to understand the exploitable vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure.