Extreme Environments: Desertification

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Extreme Environments: Desertification by Mind Map: Extreme Environments: Desertification

1. Desertification in Senegal

1.1. How has 'land use' contributed in desertification is Senegal?

1.2. How has 'conflict' contributed to desertification in Senegal?

1.3. How has 'climate change' contributed to desertification in Senegal?

1.4. What are the consequences of desertification in Senegal?

1.4.1. Social

1.4.2. Political

1.4.3. Environmental

1.4.4. Economic

1.4.5. Demographic

1.5. Resources

1.5.1. BBC News: Desertification: The people whose land is turning to dust

1.5.2. CGTN Africa: #DesertSeries: Senegal's Great Green Wall

1.5.3. FRANCE 24 English: Senegal’s Casamance hopes for new era of peace

1.5.4. [email protected]: Climate Change Affecting Farming In Senegal

2. Overview > Deserticiation

2.1. We have already discussed desertification once before in the Extreme Environments unit.

2.2. Define desertification

2.3. Is desertification part of the Anthropocene?

2.4. What can cause the rate of desertification to accelerate?

2.4.1. Social

2.4.2. Political

2.4.3. Environmental

2.4.4. Economic

2.4.5. Demographic

2.5. What are the consequences of desertification?

2.5.1. Social

2.5.2. Political

2.5.3. Environmental

2.5.4. Economic

2.5.5. Demographic

3. Future possibilities for managing desertification

3.1. Great Green Wall

3.1.1. greatgreenwall.org Watch the VR video

3.1.2. The 5 Ws What is it? Where is it? When will it happen? Why is it happening? Who is involved?

3.1.3. The Great Green Wall in Senegal

3.1.4. Will it be successful?

3.1.5. Resources BBC Newsnight: The Great Green Wall of Africa: Will it help fight climate change? Smithsonianmag.com: The “Great Green Wall” Didn’t Stop Desertification, but it Evolved Into Something That Might The Guardian: Will Africa’s Great Green Wall discourage migration to Europe?