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Femininity? by Mind Map: Femininity?

1. means i'm ok with who i am

2. empathy

3. Your Ideas Here!

4. women femininity is defined all by traits

4.1. traits: the way you are, how you interact with others, what you bring to the world

5. can be a strength and a vulnerability

5.1. could a vulnerability be strength as well?

6. vulnerability

7. openness

8. feminine or masculine

8.1. it cannot be one or the other because in each one of us there is a masculine and a feminine part

8.2. 'who is the person beyond that label'

9. as a mindset that venerates both individual and the community

9.1. adaptation, common goal

9.1.1. self-resilience, self-sufficiency and personal success fueled by masculine drive can coexist.

10. means also be a woman

10.1. the society imposed a target on what women have to look like

11. bodylanguage

11.1. femininity is movement, seduction, care.

12. outcome of the society rather than a real thing

12.1. Tara Williams has suggested that modern notions of femininity in English speaking society began during the English medieval period at the time of the bubonic plague in the 1300s. Women in the Early Middle Ages were referred to simply within their traditional roles of maiden, wife, or widow.

13. related to culture

13.1. it's different from the noun 'Woman'

13.1.1. it's related to a different and more advanced phase being conscious acceptance of all her vulnerabilities and frailties lighten herself because of this awareness a smile, a silence, privation of a dream for others... a man can do/have the same, but different approach

13.2. emotional, sinuosity, elegance, fragility

13.2.1. a woman can also be determined and strong and she will be called feminine; a guy that is strong and determined won't be called as such