Why are some strawberries larger than others?

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Why are some strawberries larger than others? by Mind Map: Why are some strawberries larger than others?

1. Why are all strawberries in supermarkets red and bright?

1.1. Even if they aren’t red and ripe, after sitting on the shelf for a while, they will turn red even if they aren’t ripe.

2. Do larger strawberries taste better?

2.1. Larger strawberries generally have less flavor, which was exchanged for larger size in selection

2.1.1. So over the last hundred or so years, people have been breeding strawberries for various important traits; size and yield - those are obvious ones, maybe color, disease and insect resistance, flavor. And as you select and try to improve one, oftentimes one of the others has to be sacrificed slightly to make progress.

2.2. Breeders select for size, not flavor

3. How are strawberries grown?

3.1. They can be planted in the ground, where they will grow as plants. Over time, they will produce runners which look and act like vines, but actually grow into new plants at their ends. This allows the strawberries to reproduce all over a garden.

4. What chemicals are used in strawberry production?

4.1. Is it legal?

4.1.1. The most powerful fumigant, methyl bromide, is supposed to be phased out slowly because it eats away at the Earth's ozone layer. Some alternatives are coconut coir, which replaces soil, eliminating the need for pesticides. But the alternatives aren’t always reliable and affordable, and the commercial growers are skeptical.

4.2. While organic growers don’t use fumigants, nurseries do. They inject chemicals into the soil and seal the fumes in with sheets of plastic. The chemicals are pesticides.

5. Do people prefer larger or smaller strawberries?

5.1. Americans generally think that bigger is better.

5.1.1. https://www.npr.org/2012/05/17/152944880/bigger-means-better-not-with-strawberries

5.2. Larger strawberries are easier and cheaper to pick and produce, small strawberries are not economically efficient

6. What is the normal size of a strawberry?

6.1. Size varies by variety and as the season progresses. Many new varieties produce very large fruit that are over 2 inches long and over an inch in diameter. US #1 fruit must be at least 3/4 inch in diameter. US #2 fruit must be at least 5/8 inch in diameter

7. What causes some fruits to grow larger than others?

7.1. Phenotypic variance. Sources of phenotypic variance are genetic variance, which is difference in their genes, and environmental variance, which are differences in their environments.

8. What chemicals are used in growing strawberries?

8.1. Some strawberries are genetically modified to become larger.

8.2. However, most growers used traditional breeding methods to select the best growing plants and cross breed them for desirable traits.

9. How big is the largest strawberry ever grown?

9.1. Koji Nakao with a strawberry weighing 250g and a circumference of 25-30 cm