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Apartheid by Mind Map: Apartheid

1. S.A before 1948

1.1. Restricted Freedom of Movement for blacks, eg. had pass books

1.2. Restrictions on owning land eg. Natives Land Act-confined to ownership of 7% of S.A's land

1.3. Excluded from skilled jobs in mines + cannot form unions

1.4. Under Native Administration Act Blacks were separated in law from all other S.As

1.5. 1927 Immorality Act: prohibits sex between white + blacks

2. Impact of WW2

2.1. Whites went to fight so Blacks needed for their jobs=less segregation+increases in wages

2.2. Anti-Nazi propaganda+rhetoric inspirational

2.3. more black people than white people living in cities=housing shortage (can't buy or rent) so Soweto established

2.4. Improvements in health and education for blacks "separate but equal"-want to not be seperate

3. Nature of discrimination 1948-64

3.1. Petty Apartheid segregated public facilities-ensures domination of Whites

3.2. Grand Apartheid established separate racial homelands-aim was for full independence of each of its component parts (ie.complete separate development of the people)

4. Key Events before 1948

4.1. Witwatersrand gold mine strike 1946 + bloody Tuesday (police open fire on workers)

4.2. 1948: National Party win election

4.2.1. Goal 1: end political ties with Britain

4.2.2. Goal 2: impose white supremacy through all embracing system of aparteid

5. Government Repression

5.1. Rivonia Trial allowed gov. to mute key members of the ANC eg.Nelson Mandela+Milton Mkwayi

6. Key figures/groups

6.1. ANC made up of African elite set up, largely dismissed by politicians at first. Later have armed wing-Spear of the Nation

6.2. Pan Africanist Congress-accused of being racist+divided which undermined their movement

6.3. ANC youth league

6.4. Liberal Party of South Africa

6.5. Nelson Mandela

6.5.1. speech at Rivonia Trial covered internationally, 'this is an ideal for which I am prepared to die', a figurehead+martyr for the cause

7. International Protest

7.1. after Sharpeville international opposition to Apartheid intensifies

7.2. Luthuli (head of ANC) won Nobel Peace Prize 1961

8. Protest in the 1950s

8.1. Defiance campaign against 6 unjust laws (inc. pass laws). Plan: not carry passes and get arrested to fill prisons

8.1.1. united nations launch investigation

8.1.2. no policy changes

8.1.3. greater unity+ANC members go from 7000 to 100000

8.2. ANC freedom charter campaign of 1955 called for non-racial S.A with human+political rights for all

8.2.1. arrest 156 leaders and try them for high treason (penalty of death)

8.2.2. gives resistance movement a vision

8.3. Sharpeville Pass Protest 1960

8.3.1. low flying aircrafts+crowds dispersed by police baton charge--then open fire and kill 69 people (shot in back)

9. Based on thought that whites were superior and that God wanted them to lead+take S.A land